Color Pop!

pop-of-color-neon1 In all this sea of trends that just seem to invade all blogs, magazines and retail, today I felt like sharing with you a bit of my all time style or fashion obsessions: the pop of color in a somewhat boring or basic outfit. One of my friends has always told me I’ve literally got a fixation to just throw in any random hint of color every time I feel I look too proper or too boring: colored bag, shoes, bracelets, necklaces, lipstick (as of lately only), nails et all. Now that I think about it, I’ve kinda cooled down on this color pop thing, but I tell you I was obsessed with it. I’m far from what they call a trendsetter, but just this last Fashion Week the pop of color on catwalks was huge. So yeah, I guess it has all got to do a bit with trends. Though not for this season but for Fall 2013/2014. Anyway, finally the big fashion gurus have taken some notes from my part. Lol. color-pop-bags1 Picture an all black outfit, or a grey top and some jeans. Or a simple day dress. Don’t all these cute looks just scream color us please. Now that’s exactly what I thought. Splash a bit of red on your lips, a crazy nail art, some neon bag or shoes (just because neon is huge this season, click here for more) and you’ve completely changed the whole style. It’s fun. Besides, this season color is so rudely dismissed that if you just feel like slightly breaking a few rules, wearing a crazy hue will be enough of a fashion statement. 2013 Summer is all about black & white, and the 60s MOD fashion inspiration, which in itself may be about crazy prints and colors, but the shops, as far as I’ve seen last weekend are packed with this basic trend, that I can work with. But no colors, really? In summer? So let’s compromise a little bit, and to hell with the trends on this one: color pop is fun and adds just the right amount of razzmatazz to a look. color-pop-style2  Best colors to get a perfect effect or statement? I’ve always thought RED does it. It’s just powerful, goes with anything and looks fabulous on absolutely any outfit. Another hue might be the NEONS this season: green, yellow, pinks… So let’s see how it’s done and take a few inspiration cups from these street style photos. colored-shoes-street-style color-pop-skirt-street-style color-pop-street-style (2) color-pop-street-style (3) color-pop-street-style green-bag-color-pop neon-pink-clutch neon-pop-of-color orange-bag-style-color-pop orange-pop--of-color pink-blazer-color-pop-street-style pop-of-color-clutch pop-of-neon-street-style red-bag-color-pop red-clutch-color-pop-street-style red-coat-color-pop-streets-tyle red-color-pops red-hat-color-pop-steet-style red-heels-color-pop-street-style street-style-color-pop