Spring Trend: POLKA DOTS

There are girls who wear polka dots, and then there are girls who dislike this print profoundly. I am of the latter. Rest assured though, as I’ll try to practice my un-biased trend report skills, while at the same time figure out why on earth I’m not a polka dot kinda girl.

I could begin by saying that I’m a grown ass woman. And polka dots are the exact opposite of grown ass anything, they’re the print our grandmas used to drape us in when we were 5, the print we used to go for at 12, so sticking to dotted clothes at 30 is like begging the world to take you seriously while you’re still in your pre-teen outfit.

You are free to tell me how wrong I am, and I urge you to do so in the comments section below. I am well aware I might have a weird issue here, and 60% of y’all would send me to therapy to get over my hate of polka dots. It’s not good to keep grudges.

And yes, if you must know I was draped in polka dots as a kid. That might have something to do with today’s dislike Or perhaps I’ve just consumed all my polka dots love in my pre -teen years. Amen to that, good ridden, and thank god.

Still, the world of fashion goes on without my consent on polka dots (go figure!) and spring 2016 is a true reflection of that – polka dots are IN and they’re trendy and scattered all over the place. I did do quite a few eyerolls right now.

polka-dots-trend-spring-2016-3 polka-dots-trend-spring-2016-2

Some Qs beg answers though? WHY are polka dots such a big deal these days? HOW to wear them without looking like you’re refusing to let go if your 10 year old clothes? You know, stuff like that.

Polka dots are retro. And retro is both IN as well as pretty cool, I’ll say that. I have this idea that alongside the 70s trend, there’s a slight time travel fashion wise to the 50s and 60s. Polka dots were a must back then.

The KEY however to nailing a polka dot look is to take them from their retro setting and to put them into today’s, adding your own razzmatazz, and hoping to get a very effortless un-cheesy way of wearing the dots.

Which brings me to 1) not everyone can nail this look. Sure millions can try (and unfortunately they do), but few can pull off a great polka dot style without looking like they’re stuck in their 10 year old selves; 2) I do actually like  a few polka dot looks. Very few and very particularly done. AND 3) I do generally feels polka dots are the definition of cheesy, and I resent that.

DOTS I like. (1) I like the retro-Italian-vibe-polka-dot-style: think Gwen Stefani in her ‘Cool’ video, think Sophia Loren style. It usually takes a midi length black dress with tiny white polka dots, cinged at the waist, cap sleeves, v-cut, retro design. OR polka dot tops and high waisted shorts in blue, green, or nude with big white polka dot prints.

polka-dots-trend-spring-2016-26 polka-dots-trend-spring-2016-31 polka-dots-trend-spring-2016-38 polka-dots-trend-spring-2016-28

(2) And I LOVE the Lana del Rey kinda polka dot look. Retro meets 2016 bad girl who listens to hip hop and rocknroll, has her tats and blues and happy smiles and is very effortless about her personal style, but whatever this girl puts on it’s bound to look great in a very edgy bohemian sort of way. And she’s always wearing bling and bold lips. This is usually done with wide legged black pants with tiny white polka dots, or polka dot dresses a la 90s cut, or bandage tops in polka dot prints paired with jeans, OR red shirts with white polka dots paired with cutoffs and boots like Alexa Chung.

polka-dots-trend-spring-2016-19 polka-dots-trend-spring-2016-14 polka-dots-trend-spring-2016-15 polka-dots-trend-spring-2016-13

So, while I’m not a fan… polka dots can look OK for me if they have personality in the outfit. I guess…

There are girls who wear them regardless of the razzmatazz and personality and that sort of shit, but I ain’t one of them, and while I’d never do that, I’m fucking nobody to judge. BUT I do have opinions, likes, and dislikes like the rest of us mortals, and this is just one of those situations where I’m standing alone in my un-polka-dotted team.

Ah well. Worse things have been known.

Polka dots ain’t going nowhere not anytime soon anyway… so here are a some polka dots to shop. Click on image to buy.


Strret style packed with dots for dots lovers right below.


polka-dots-trend-spring-2016-8 polka-dots-trend-spring-2016-4 polka-dots-trend-spring-2016-6 polka-dots-trend-spring-2016-12 polka-dots-trend-spring-2016-10 polka-dots-trend-spring-2016-11 polka-dots-trend-spring-2016-16 polka-dots-trend-spring-2016-17 polka-dots-trend-spring-2016-25 polka-dots-trend-spring-2016-20 polka-dots-trend-spring-2016-18 polka-dots-trend-spring-2016-23 polka-dots-trend-spring-2016-22

Lise Grendine at Dolce Gabbana FW2015

Lise Grendine at Dolce Gabbana FW2015

polka-dots-trend-spring-2016-32 polka-dots-trend-spring-2016-24 polka-dots-trend-spring-2016-27 polka-dots-trend-spring-2016-30 polka-dots-trend-spring-2016-37 polka-dots-trend-spring-2016-35 polka-dots-trend-spring-2016-36 polka-dots-trend-spring-2016-39 polka-dots-trend-spring-2016-40

Okay. I’ve shared my piece of mind, now you can share yours, and tell me to go to hell if you like. For hating the dots that is.

Have a fab week y’all. xoxo