polka-dots-street-style-4 “Oh my God!” cried the pretty little fashionista.
“What’s wrong?” someone replied.
“Something’s wrong with my vision. I see dots. Dots everywhere. Spots and dots all over the place.” she said while rubbing her eyes.
“Oh…” the by-stander so humbly and politely smiled while reassuring her. “It’s not you. It’s fashion. You’re not seeing dots. They exist. It’s all an explosion, going on for the past decades, but it used to be quite big this summer. As I see it (and you obviously) it seems to never go away. Not even in winter. Polka Dots. You gotta love them, right?”

dots-and-spots The one print everyone loves, from kindergarten to rocking chair and pipe (borrowed that one from Alex Turner), Polka Dots are that trend that will never go away because it has it all: class, elegance, retro vintage twist, preppy style, it’s super feminine and playful. It mixes with any look and adds a bit of all, or one of the above to your style. Besides, the dots that made our fashionista crazy come in tons of sizes & colors, as if to quench our spots thirst, that’s been going on since before Marilyn Monroe days. It does not make it go away, it makes it worse, obliging us to drape ourselves in polka dots every season now. For what it’s worth, this has led to us mastering the art of mismatched prints, among which Polka Dots reign. dots black-white-polka-dots After Louis Vuitton teamed up with Kusama, in 2012, and Selfridges turned into some fairly tale gone mad world in the most exquisite, beautiful and loud way possible (trust me, you have never seen so many polka dots in one place. It was as if a convention of the dots was taking place), I thought “that’s it, this should quiet us down on the polka dots thing for sometime.” I mean if you keep having deserts all your life, you’re bound to reach that point when you hate cake. That’s exactly what did not happen with the polka dots. polka-dots-louis-vuitton-kusama pokla-dots-louis-vuitton-kusama 2013 Spring and Summer came, and the dots were there. You may have missed them, but I guarantee they were there. We’re just taking this splashed spots print for granted now, and I seriously see nothing wrong with our ignorance. Not when they’ve been resting on our clothes since forever. Do I sound like I hate them? Probably. But I don’t. polka-dot-style-2 I like them. Some I like less. Some I love. Time to come clean now!!! So… there’s rarely a trend out there that I do not love or embrace (sure I get bored with it just as quick, but at least I’m hooked on it in the worst kinda way at the beginning), yet when it comes to these little innocent dots I get very complicated. It is just fashion after all, yet I turn into the worst picky bitch out there, who finds it impossible to find the perfect dots in a sea of dots. Much like finding the perfect man. ”He does not exist!!! scream all the happy women, as do all the ones draped in dots, looking fabulous as they all ask me the same question: “Exactly what polka dots are yo hoping to find. What’s wrong with these?” polka-dots-looks-2013 Nothing.

And while I did find the perfect lucky man… I can’t, for the life of me, see what the fuss is all about with the polka dots. Can’t find that one polka dot to make me completely happy printed.

Anyway, moving on from the stupid metaphor, I’m not even gonna make more of a full out of myself and ask how much of a likeness you take in this trend (I am aware the whole world adores dots), what I’m gonna do is tell you, which polka dots look the best. Not that anyone gives a crap, but whatev.

There are 2 Polka Dots Styles that just melt my heart:

1. Eva Mendes style. She’s the epitome of retro-chic and mixing vintage style with luxurious pieces in the most feminine sexy & effortless way possible. This retro chic polka dots style is definitely my favorite. Tiny spots are always resting on the most flirtatious and flowy fabrics, usually in nudes, black or navy, looking exquisite on retro style over-the-knee-length, nipped-at-the-waist dresses, loose skirts, shirts & blouses. It’s very Sophia Loren 60s style. Such outfits look absolutely fantastic with classic heels (although even brogues or ballet flats will do), wavy hairstyles, cat-eye sunglasses, and maybe a trench or a boyfriend blazer on top. eva-mendes-polka-dots polka-dots polka-dots-blouse-street-style polka-dots-shirt polka-dots-trend polka-dot-style retro-dress-polka-dots-street-style retro-look-polka-dots-street-style retro-polka-dots retro-polka-dots-look retro-polka-dots-street-style 2. Alexa Chung style. There was a time when she was obsessed with polka dots and did them in so many ways, yet all had one thing in common – she was always a bit edgy in her choices. While her looks were kinda retro as well (same chiffon dresses or shirts in tiny dots and black and white) she always added something to break the classic line, and balance the look making it super rocknroll meets sophisticated chick. A leather jacket, red lips, some cool bag, boyfriend blazers, tennis shoes, flats & messy hair, always did the trick. They do say opposites attract. So she mixed them and looked fantastic. alexa-ching-polka-dots-1 alexa-chung-polka-dots-style edgy-polka-dots mini-polka-dot-dress polka-dot-look polka-dots (2) polka-dots-dress-leather-jacket-street-style polka-dots-maxi-dress-street-style polka-dots-street-style-edgy street-style-polka-dots rock-look-polka-dots subtle-polka-dots-street-style urban-boho-style-polka-dots I’m always going on about effing all rules and what others think, so when it comes to polka dots, I may have some silly guidelines I feel obliged to live by, but you… you go wild. Mix them. With anything. Go for massive dots if you feel like it. Go for neon colors, for crazy shades. Truth is, polka dots do look fantastic the more you experiment with them, so what the hell, right?

Let’s see what the world would look like if we all had dots: cream-polka-dots mismatched-dots mismatched-polka-dots-street-style polka-dots-dress polka-dots-pants polka-dots-pants-street-style polka-dots-shoesstreet-style polka-dots-skirt-street-style polka-dots-street-style (2) polka-dots-street-style polka-dots-street-style polka-dots-street-style-3 polka-dots-street-style-3 statement-polka-dots-street-style preppy-style-polka-dots I am telling you, we’d all feel like in a musical, where every Dot had a name and was a character. And Dancing with the Stars would turn into Dancing With The Dots.

What?! A dose of dots will do this to you. ;)

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  1. Zoe says:

    The pics are nice but I never ever had one thing with dots. It is just not my thing…and it will never be. But still nice post and I see them a lot around lately, too.
    The white skirt in the second to the last pic…..daring :D

    • Fashion Tag (Dana Cristina) says:

      Yeah I’m with you on this one, I like them, but I don’t really get all the huge fuss about them. They’re cute but a little too girlish at times. Thanks xx


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