pointy-toe-stiletto-boots … the Pointed Toe Stiletto Ankle Boots that is. Or the I’m-sexy-and-I-know-it boots.

Somewhere between motorcycle boots, combat Tom-boy-ish styles, and the ever present chunky heeled ankle boot – this pointy toe stiletto style, once reminiscent of those early 2000 when every girl with a penchant for fashion dressed as a glam goth chic, crawled their way back into our lives. Maybe we’ve just had enough with flat un-sexy shoes. Maybe we’re in a desperate need to feel feminie and strong. Or maybe… we just wanna look great regardless of what we wear, and stilettos + tasteful pointy toes can do that to any outfit. Or perhaps it’s just me, falling hopelessly in love with my new ankle boots, that I’ve been crushing over for some time and finally found the ONES.

There is a bit of truth in all these ‘maybes‘, as there is, in the fact that these sexy uber strong feminine sophisticated boots are quite present everywhere lately: streets, celebs, retail, online… and I basically think it’s all a matter of fashion being cyclic as well as us wanting to look no less than fabulous again. ankleboots-stiletto-pointy- ankle-boots-trend-winter-2014 Forever 21 Clear Cut Stiletto Booties, .80-trend I swear we need to make a promise: “I promise to never ever get rid of any old shoe, bag, or clothing item, as ridiculous as wearing it today may look, it will most likely be an IT fashion statement in at least 5 years.” Had I only kept this promise, I would have had quite a collection of pointy toe stiletto boots. pointy-toe-boots There is something very Cruella-ish about these shoes, yet alongside this cartoon’ish femme fatale trait they inspire, they also ooze hotness and extreme strength , confidence and refined attitude with a slight case of edginess if matched with say jeans and a plain old T-shirt. They can look extremely polished and incredibly classy or they can inject a certain sexiness and bad-girl vibe to an otherwise rather plain look.

Hence the saying: if you ever need to spice up your style last minute, go for stilettos. They can make a garbage bag look fantastic. pointy-toe-stiletto-ankle-b Personally I couldn’t be happier if these boots made a huge comeback, for all the above reasons plus my sort of less liking to anything platform style (except wedges and those man inspired brogues). Being quite tall, but loving heels I would like to be able to wear the sexiest shoes and boots without the fucking platform, because frankly I don’t need it. (Although I’ll give you this, platforms are brilliant with chunky heels.) And anyway, today, we’re all in a polygamist relationship with all styles and all trends from 1920s all throughout 2013, so I think these pointy toe shoes can co-exist alongside all the others. pointy-toe-stiletto-ankle-boots-looks pointy-toe-stiletto-boots-look stiletto=ankle-boots-trend In terms of HOW to style them? Balance is the key. They look great with skinny jeans or leggings and a slouchy top or knitted oversived sweater, and also with mini skirts, office or party dresses whether short or midi length. And I would definitely give maxi skirts a try with these if styled properly: think rocknoll chic. stiletto-ankle-boots Basically all goes with these boots, cause they’re super feminine and hot, but (yes there is a but) I’d avoid the all leather look, extremely dark-glam style, not cause it looks bad, just a bit too vamp’ish. Or too vampire style you know. If you love it though, do it! It’s not about what you wear but how you wear it ;) stiletto-ankle-boots-street-style stiletto-ankle-boots-trend stiletto-ankle-boots-trend-2014 street-style-pointy-toe-ankle-boots strettstyle-pointy-toe-ankle-boots zara pointy ankle boots-street-styl Here are 3 of my fave looks of the pointy toe ankle boots…

stiletto bootiesI’m curious about you, do you like them? How would you style them?

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  2. askirtaweek says:

    I so enjoy reading your posts. Fun and upbeat view of fashion. Great collections of photos.
    Love love love the leopard-y pointed boots…but then there are those cowboy style ones…and I thought I had enough boots in my closet! Until now…..lol

    • Fashion Tag (Dana Cristina) says:

      Thank you so much!!!! so happy u like my blog and thanks for your support. Boots are the best, especially these hot stiletto styles, I totally agree! ;) as many as we have it’s never gonna be enough lol.
      btw, cowboy boots are kinda cool. I love them too, just yesterday I was thinking of doing a pot on them so… great minds think alike :) xoxoxo

  3. M. says:

    Well, I think not everyone can wear them… You know, I mean just the tall (or short) and slim women look good in them. Their bodies ‘coordinate’ with the thin heels; let’s imagine a ‘big lady’ on the thin stilettos, you know ‘big upper part’ on the small ‘base’ – it’s so disproportionate. I just think it wouldn’t work. Personally, I prefer chunky heels with platforms – yeah maybe they aren’t so sexy, but they’re more comfy and it’ll be easier to walking through the snowy streets in them.


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