Errr, are we all gorgeous beautiful people? YAS! Hello. No need for rhetorical questions right now. I mean… if you’re gonna ask an obvious question expect an invasion of doh’s coming your way. Just saying.

Please observe how I’m literally in a fight with myself, which in itself is nothing new, just another day of delusional behavior. Ah well…

At least I’m not delusional when I’m stating the obvious right now:


plunging necklines

Since 2014 Spring/Summer the world of VIPs and mortals alike has been obsessed with V-plunging tops, dresses, and jumpsuits, cut down all the way to the belly button if possible. Maybe we’re all attention whores (did anybody call me?), or maybe we just want to show off our body-jewelry or boob-tats?

Could this be it: our desire to constantly expose all the trends we’re doing?

plunging necklines

Plus there’s a more obvious penchant for nightlife and parties, which – although are becoming more loose in terms of style – do still require a few fashion gimmicks (red lips, low cuts, minis, slits, crop tops etc.). I mean Instagram is packed with celebs & beautiful faces dressed to kill for the night, with bloggers going to events in efforltess looks that oh-so-effortlessly also happen to expose a tat or a piercing or body chain. We’re on the rise of so many trends and so many edgy looks its crazy. And funky. And frankly quite done before, but not by us, which in itself is very very enticing.

plunging necklines

Think about it: we’re the kids of 80s kitsch, or at the very best of grunge… so 70s for us is a decade of fairy-tales we so wanna fall for and do. Designers are only speculating on this lust while the K-ching sound for them goes on and on.

plunging necklinesplunging-necklines-looks-streetstyle (11)

The pop culture of drinking and dancing our Fridays and Saturdays away while looking fab yet effortless in high heels and boyfriend shirts for example are back. It’s like this generation of non-smokers, non-drinkers, politically correct behaviors have just had it and wanna let loose over at Studio 54, you know.

That’s where the only thing looser than your morals was your blouse. Nothing was accidental, yet everything was.

THIS is what designers are right now capitalizing on.

plunging-necklines-looks-70s (2)plunging-necklines-looks-70splunging-necklines-looks-streetstyle (24)plunging-necklines-looks-streetstyle (28)

After watching ‘American Hustle’ I was left with one thought (I know, how predictable): those low-cut dresses and tops all the way to the belly button! Shut the front door.

Sexy. Enticing. Hot. Yet very tasteful. Long sleeves on, or legs covered up, long hair, body-chains, glossy lips and there you have it: a 70s Goddess in flesh and bone. ADORE!

plunging-necklines-looks-streetstyle (22)

Before I knew it all celebs were doing this trend red carpet or not. Remember Rihanna in her blue skirt and unbuttoned shirt? BAM!

I guess showing skin is always sort of IN, but what today’s fashion does is just give it a little balance, hence the different exposed body parts: bare backs, crop tops, mini skirts or short shorts, off-the-shoulders blouses or dresses AND now V-plunging necklines and low-cut, very low-cut tops and dresses.

low-cut-tops-trend-2015 (2)plunging-necklines-looks-streetstyle (2)plunging-necklines-looks-streetstyle (15)

So they’re in. Fine. Buuuut… as HOT as it may be, it’s a fucking tricky look to pull off.

How can we show our belly buttons & deep necklines, yet not our boobs? While still looking tasteful. 

Well… apparently it’s not that hard. According to the style gurus all you need is a flat chest. Ha! Go figure! Finally having small boobs paid off. Well… I’m so happy about this I can barely hold my excitement.

plunging-necklines-looks-streetstyle (6)

Truth is I take my hat off in front of any woman, of any size who can carry herself with full confidence. And no bra. I would too in a perfect world. In a less than perfect one, the idea of having the girls out without any support (not that I actually need one) makes me shit scared. It was in this very flawed world I’m living my daily life, that I was faced with my fears: one night out, my ‘invisible bra’ broke!!! Left in a very low cut top and jeans I had two options: carry myself with confidence as if I’m a fucking double D, or run off home.

Well… as much as I’d love to say I did the former, I ended up running back home, but not before I’d realized the world didn’t end and I felt kinda sexy. And more free (well… we all know why).

plunging-necklines-looks-streetstyle (5)

The LOW CUT/PLUNGING NECKLINE look is best achieved when:

  • you balance the look and not go vamp’ish on showing too much skin elsewhere
  • use a bit of body-makeup (like bronzer for example) to hide tanning lines and give a bit of glow to your skin
  • wear a thin piece of jewelry for extra edge
  • no bra
  • IF, however you plan do wear one, choose the type you can’t see, OR those sophisticated sexy lace bras that look chic when exposed.
  • wear low-cut tops, dresses or jumpsuits, OR low-cut & sheer is another option
  • wear all-the-way-to-the-belly-button-unbuttoned-shirts tucked in your pants or skirts. ;)

But never, under no circumstances, ever do a low cut V-plunging neckline with your boobs pushed up to your neck as if you’re ready to explode.

It’s not for nothing natural is better. Always. Hence the rise of the 70s.

plunging-necklines-looks-streetstyle (38)low-cut-tops-trend-2015low-cut-tops-trend-2015 (3)low-cut-tops-trend-2015 (4)Rosie Huntington-Whiteley launches Coca Cola Life at the Coca Cola boutique in London, Englandplunging-necklines-looks-streetstyle (4)plunging-necklines-looks-streetstyle (7)plunging-necklines-looks-streetstyle (8)plunging-necklines-looks-streetstyle (10)plunging-necklines-looks-streetstyle (14)plunging-necklines-looks-streetstyle (12)plunging-necklines-looks-streetstyle (17)plunging-necklines-looks-streetstyle (18)plunging-necklines-looks-streetstyle (19)plunging-necklines-looks-streetstyle (20)plunging-necklines-looks-streetstyle (25)plunging-necklines-looks-streetstyle (23)plunging-necklines-looks-streetstyle (26)plunging-necklines-looks-streetstyle (27)plunging-necklines-looks-streetstyle (29)plunging-necklines-looks-streetstyle (30)plunging-necklines-looks-streetstyle (31)plunging-necklines-looks-streetstyle (32)plunging-necklines-looks-streetstyle (33)plunging-necklines-looks-streetstyle (34)plunging-necklines-looks-streetstyle (35)plunging-necklines-looks-streetstyle (37)plunging necklinesplunging-necklines-looks-streetstyle (9)

So what do you think about this slightly risky look: YES or NO?

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    I was suggested this web site by my cousin. I’m not sure whether this post is written by him as no one else know such detailed about my difficulty. You are wonderful! Thanks!


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