Summer Heights: Platforms & Flatforms

Or… ‘gotta stay high (and tall) all the time’. In order to be on your sartorial game this summer, apparently there’s only one must shoes wise: platform shoes and flatforms of all sorts. Forget stilettos (nooooooooooooooooooooo!). And tbh there’s really no groundbreaking news here, not with the 70s still towering over us like a hawk, and not with last year’s invasion of Stella McCartney’s flatforms.

Oh and also I might be quick to jump to conclusions, but I’ll just put here: it’s all a continuation of the ugly shoe trend. Except they’re NOT that ugly, or we might have just gotten used to them by now.

The only thought that makes me cringe right now is that, while writing this I can’t help but think of the Spice Girls and their gigantic platform shoes circa 2000s. Oh. My. God. If this decade comes back in fashion, we might as well call it a day and move on from fashion altogether. I mean, what’s next: pink track pants with glittery print bums? If you never prayed in your life, now’s a good chance to start, and if you did, pray harder than you ever did. Just saying you know.

Yet in all this shoe trend haze I still see the full-half. I’m like that, optimistic and hopeful to the point of being an idiot, but what are you gonna do. I am hopeful the fashion gurus will dodge the no-no’s of fashion and pull those aces from up their sleeves.

platform-shoes-2015-trend-2 platform-shoes-2015-trend-3 platform-shoes-2015-trend-12 platform-shoes-trend-2015-3

What is so horrible about the platform shoes? Well… if you insist I will tell you.

1) They’re not flattering in that conventional way, BUT I admit they look very edgy-sophisticated-funky-high-fashion-meets-normcore. Fashion people get it. And they’re the ones who usually wear them and pull them off.

2) Somewhere on the way it became a shoe battle of chunky/flatforms/platforms versus stilettos. And I ain’t feeling this shit. I’d like to think I’m a bit more fashion-oriented than your regular ignoramus, hence me actually liking these bigfoot-shoes, BUT I will always be a stiletto girl through and through. So, my dear platforms, do not ask questions and start battles you’re not ready to win.

3) They’re not exactly height friendly when you are a walking giraffe compared to the rest of humanity. I am of course, referring to myself. Being 5’10 or smth imagine how beautifully (NOT) I would tower over everybody else around me, like the fucking Eiffel Tower over Paris. I ain’t ready for all this drama.

Oh but what to do, what to do? Well… don’t pick one shoe style over another. Instead pick them all. And if you, like me, risk hitting your head against the clouds in high shoes, but still wanna wear them, pick less thick soles.

There. Problem solved.

platform-shoes-2015-trend-1 platform-shoes-2015-trend-4 platform-shoes-2015-trend-5

Next on our list is what to go for: FLATFORMS or PLATFORMS with heels? Right now, as we speak I have a growing obsession over the former, and for some reason I adore seeing thick soles on any shoe type, my fave being: sneakers, espadrilles, brogues, summer slippers, summer slide-in sandals.

Platform shoes 70s styles are of course fabulous, but they’ve been around for decades and while they’re like a party on your feet (in so many styles, colours, designs) they’re also classic vintage, hard to walk in, super high, and (please don’t hate) been there done that. Of course there’s a tiny chance I am biased here (height and all).

Knowing me I’ll probably change my mind by the end of this post, BUT as we speak I am more into flatforms than chunky heel shoes. Perhaps it has to do with how easily you can style them and how easily they fit into all this summer-effortless borderline beach looks.

I just find that woven-like sole on espadrilles or beach-inspired brogues the best invention so far. It’s like a marriage between 2 worlds that have nothing to do with each other.

And don’t get me started on thick soled Birkenstocks, or slide-sandals, or slippers. I think they’s so geek-ish they’re beyond cool.

Enough talk, more inspo now, and some of my fave picks at the end in case you feel like shopping for heights.


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SS15 New York Street Style - September 08 2014 - Spring Summer 2015

SS15 New York Street Style – September 08 2014 – Spring Summer 2015

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