6 Mistakes to Avoid When Planning Your Wedding

The carefree romanticism of your engagement may start to feel like a distant memory when overtaken by the practicalities of wedding planning. Organizing this large-scale event is no mean feat. From finding the perfect venue in which to exchange your wedding rings to arranging your desired guest list, the organization and logistics required to curate your big day can easily feel stressful at times. To make your preparations that much smoother, we have put together a list of some of the mistakes to avoid when planning your wedding.

Letting Others Decide Your Guest List

The pressure to invite people to your wedding based on the decisions of others is one of the biggest wedding mistakes you can make. Whether it’s appeasing family members and their expectations, or inviting guests simply because they invited you to their special day, it can cause you to compile a guest list that does not speak to your heart or represent who you are as a couple.

This beautiful occasion where you are declaring your love for one another should be witnessed only by those you are closest to and feel comfortable sharing this precious moment in your lives with.

Making RSVP Assumptions

According to statistics,  approximately 75% to 85% of people invited to a wedding actually end up attending. However,  bear in mind this is just a guide and the number of guests who RSVP to your wedding could be much higher than this. Assuming certain people will decline, or indeed accept your invitation, could be a mistake that leaves you having to review your choice of venue, which may be unable to accommodate such numbers.

One way to avoid this is to stagger your invites by organizing your guests into two lists. For example, send out invitations to the first group of people a few months in advance of your wedding and once you receive your RSVPs begin sending out the second batch of invitations. This can help you estimate numbers more accurately, avoiding issues with capacity limits.

Being Uncomfortable Having Your Photos Taken

Not all of us are comfortable in front of the camera. If you feel nervous or self-conscious when having your photo taken, it’s important to spend some time familiarizing yourself with the process before your wedding day. Getting your friends or partner to take some shots of you in the run up to your wedding can help you to relax and feel comfortable being the center of attention.

Another way to prepare yourself to be in front of a lens is by arranging a photo shoot with your wedding photographer before your big day. Feeling at ease with the person behind the camera will greatly improve the chances of you looking and feeling natural on your big day, and having this reflected in your wedding pictures.

Not Doing a Hair and Makeup Trial Run

Doing a bridal hair and makeup trial run before your wedding is essential for looking and feeling great on your day. Giving yourself enough time to tweak and experiment with different looks for your hair and makeup will help avoid any disastrous makeovers on the morning of your wedding. 

If you rarely wear makeup it is also a great way to test out and get comfortable with a more glamorous appearance whether it be a smokey eye look or a braided barrette hair style. As well as getting comfortable with your transformation, a trial run will also let you know if you have any sensitivities to the products used on your skin, giving you ample time to make any necessary changes to your beauty regimen.

Crash Dieting

In an attempt to lose weight and perhaps squeeze yourself into your ideal wedding dress it can be tempting to go on a crash diet instead of choosing to eat healthier foods and exercise. Rather than trying to drastically lose weight a month before your wedding, it is best to make small, gradual changes well in advance of your day. Whether it’s cutting out the takeaways and cooking more nutritious meals at home, or cycling to work instead of catching the train, introducing healthier habits into your daily routine in a natural way will feel more sustainable as well as enjoyable.

Not Speaking to All Your Guests

Without your guests, there would be no wedding celebrations so make a point of saying hello to each person at some point in the day. Whether it’s greeting friends and family at their tables during dinner or circulating during the reception, take the time to say hello and thank your guests for sharing your special day with you.

By avoiding the mistakes outlined in this article you can ensure your wedding day will be a success and an occasion you remember fondly for years to come.