Peasant Tops: Secret To Looking Like A Boho-Chic Queen!

Some of the most beautiful things in life we take for granted, and in all honestly I feel like, in my case, the peasant tops are one of them. For a few years now these boho chic blouses, usually in white with tiny sweet embroideries on them, are making front stage on catwalks, streets, festivals, and even office wear.

Of course it’s not the first time in history they’re making trendy appearances. In fact, it was in the 70s that these peasant tops had a trendy trait bigger than my ego.

How come though they never caught my eye so far? You know how having the most exquisite desert for days and years in a row will leave you indifferent over time in regards to its exquisite’y? Same goes for me with the peasant tops. As much as they stand true to their international name, they are in fact rooted in my country – Romania, and the blouse is called IE [ee-ye]. But you can go ahead and call it The Romanian Blouse. Basically cause that’s what it is.

peasant-blouses peasant-tops

It is so deeply rooted in our culture that growing up as a kid I remember 2 things: 1) It was all my grandma used to wear for years in a row. She’d wear them in white with blue or black embroideries (I’m sure though she rocked other colours), and 2) I was fucking terrified by these tops. Like on every Sunday as a kid, I’d have to wear one to church, cause my grandma felt it was the poshest thing to do. Well… looking back she wasn’t that far off, bless her. But I – the egotistical girl with an already rebellious and sassy attitude felt it was restrictive. It was freaking limiting my fashion options.

Yeah… cause when you’re 6 you got that shit nailed down. North West would’ve had nothin’ on me. Well except for money. And fame. And anything else she wanted. Fine. But I had my sass. And genuine peasant blouse, thank you very much.


So what the hell happened between then and now? Firstly I’d like to think time left a bit of sartorial wisdom over me, other than its beauty edged on my skin, hence it opened my eyes to the beauties I grew up with (which I so long took for granted), and also to a better understanding of how EVERYTHING we wear is linked, and mixed, and then mirrored outside our massive closets.

So my time resenting this blouse as a reminder of my limiting fashion options as a kid-brat have apparently come to an end. God knows it took a while. But this year, is a breakthrough year for me. I adore the 70s fashion, which I never thought I would, and also I’m kinda reconsidering the peasant top.

Of course my inconsistency may also betray my all-over-the-place personality, but we’re not gonna go there. We’ll just play pretend perfection. #flawless

Oh… and also being slightly obsessed with pop-culture and blogging it has come to my attention that there are a few other ways to nail the peasant top sans feeling fashion-restricted or having to attend church in a mandatory sartorial manner.

Hence the amount of celebs and fashion bloggers wearing the peasant tops in such a way that it literally made me feel like an idiot not thinking of it. And recently it was designers who sent models down the runway looking like 2015 versions of Penny Lanes.

On how to wear them a LOT can be said. But the epitome of the peasant blouse remains the scene from ‘Almost Famous’ when Penny Lane is bare footed in her suede mini skirt and beautiful peasant top, sans bra, with wild hair and an even wilder heart. It embodies all the 70s stood for, the beauty of a girl, and the freedom and nonchalance that such a Romanian top oozes. It is traditional to its core, but wearing it against pieces that are more punk, or rocknroll is a fab way to make a style statement.

Romanian-blouses-5 Romanian-blouses-2 peasant-blouses-style-6

WHERE & HOW to wear peasant tops?

One of my favourite ways is pairing them with anything denim: cutoffs, skirts, overalls, skinny jeans, boyfriend jeans.

Denim X Peasant tops. My picks below.


Heels, gladiator sandals, sneakers, chunky shoes – anything works and makes room for style experimenting.

Shoes X Peasant tops. My picks.


The peasant top being the definition of bohemian chic and relaxed casual style makes it pretty versatile while still being a bit of a wild-child.

Office wear: pair a white billowy peasant top with a print pencil skirt or a pair of white summer trousers. A big bag, a pair of shades and your hair in a messy bun or ponytail will pull it all together.

My office-bohemian picks.


Summer cool: think borderline beach wear in a sophisticated way. No flip-flips, but gladiator sandals, wavy curls, boyfriend shorts and a straw bag.



Summer in the city: I love those off the shoulder peasant tops, with high waisted boyfriend jeans and espadrilles. Something like what my grandma – the peasant-blouse-obsessed-woman – would wear were she 20 living in 2015.



And now let’s make way for those cool street stylers and IF we should strike a coup de foudre with the peasant tops, I’ve picked some of my fave styles for you below.





peasant-blouses-style-4 peasant-blouses-style-2 peasant-blouses-style-5 peasant4 peasant-blouses-style-7 peasant-blouses-style-3 Romanian-blouses-1 Romanian-blouses-3 red-embroidery-peasant-top

My fave peasant tops:


So long beauties! And don’t forget we’re all bloody queens who rule the world, but just in case we wanna add a bit of jazz and bohemian vibes to our summer – the peasant tops might be our little secret.