PANTSUITS: 2018 Biggest Trend?

Ladies… it’s time to put those skirts and dresses away in favour of 2018 biggest style star: pantsuits. Yes, the 80 power-suit is back and it’s bolder, sexier, and more powerful than ever. In fact in 2018 nothing is off the table when it comes to pantsuits. According to Tom Ford’s Spring/Summer 2018-2019 collections pantsuits are so fab this year that you’ll have a fashion coup de foudre. I don’t think I’ve seen a runway so hot and style-craving as his this year since maybe Versace or Chanel in the 90s. Beautiful, powerful, empowering and over the top unbelievably sexy.

2018 Pantsuits: What is the trendiest power-suit this year? 

I honestly think you cannot pinpoint this one. As long as it’s power-suit Melanie Griffith meets 90s Spermodels inspired it’s in. The pantsuits of our times have one thing in common, great fabrics, fantastic quality, luxe styles.

  • high waist
  • pockets
  • extremely good tailoring
  • boot cut/skinny cigarette/flared/cropped
  • silky/plaid/satin/
  • single/double breasted

Basically everything is in with the biggest emphasis on fantastic fit. However, there are some pantsuits styles that are oversized and hobo-smart. If that’s your thing by all means, do it.

Nevertheless, if you want to keep it polished, smart, sophisticated, and office appropriate with a dash of cocktail style – go for a fab tailored pantsuit in either black, white, or nude, OR, opt for solids like red, blue, green, yellow, orange. Pastels are still in and pink or dusted blue look amazing on pantsuits.

Remember the pantsuits of 2000s? Yeah. Don’t do those. Stay away from too low waist, from too short blazers, and tacky prints. Instead, remember the pantsuits of the 80s, with broad shoulders, and solid colours, and a cut so architectural and sexy they screamed empowerment.

How to wear pantsuits in 2018?

The phrase ‘all is in’, has never been truer. You can wear them with sneakers, or heels, it will look amazing either way, it’s just a matter of personal style. You can wear a t-shirt under the blazer, a button down, a sweater, a blouse, or a bustier top. It all depends on where you’re going.

They’re amazing for all seasons, especially the cold, cause #layering. Besides, suits with a coat over look so good and powerful it’s the best style ever.

Office look: suit, heels, sneakers, brogues, t-shirt, button-down, blouse, big bag.

Cocktail look: suit, stilettos, bra-top, clutch.

Casual-smart-chic: Slightly oversized suits, flat shoes, micro-bags, turtlenecks.

Street style:


Hellessy RTW Spring 2018

Get the look:


xoxo D.