Err, no, not the TV series ‘Suits’ with the eye candy men. (damn it!) Today we talk girls in suits, and how somehow the pant-suit is having a major comeback these days courtesy of all these A-listers showing up at red carpet events in 70s inspired suits with high waisted wide legged pants and broad shoulders blazers, or in black tuxedos and nothing else underneath. Cause the shirt worn with a pantsuit is so overrated.

Two years ago it was the deux-pieces or the printed suits so reminiscent of the 50s and 60s. And I’m guessing the classic pantsuit was never really passe if you think about it. It still is the go to piece for a business meeting, for office, for more professional looks.

2015-trend-the-pant-suit-women-style (3)2015-trend-the-pant-suit-women-style (7)2015-trend-the-pant-suit-women-style (8)

So what is new then about the pantsuit AND why is it having a comeback these days?

First of all it’s perfect for all seasons and so very versatile, and in winter it offers the great balance of keeping you warm and looking polished. You can layer up to 100 pieces underneath that blazer if you want to, and ad a couple of 200s over it as well.

2015-trend-the-pant-suit-women-style (10)

Its novelty stands in the variety of cuts, designs, colors and the mix of styles fashion allows today. From 70s pantsuits, to tuxedo inspired with v-plunging necklines and no shirts underneath (massive this season), to 60’s printed pantsuits (think plaid par example), to skinny cut pantsuits, or boyfriends styles.

2015-trend-the-pant-suit-women-style (4)2015-trend-the-pant-suit-women-style (11)2015-trend-the-pant-suit-women-style (12)2015-trend-the-pant-suit-women-style (17)

Higher waisted pant-suits are mandatory, to avoid that kistch 2000s low rinse pant cut. The blazer can be either hip-length, longer or shorter, with long or short collar, pockets or not, oversized or slim cut.

2015-trend-the-pant-suit-women-style (9)blue-boxy-suitblack-suit-style

At the end of the day I think, when it comes to pant-suits women should remember three things:

  1. owning it with the right attitude
  2. great fabric. A quality texture makes a massive difference so always pick quality fabrics.
  3. perfect fit. Whether you’re going for the boyfriend blazer or fitted type, it has to look good on you, otherwise you’ll end up looking more hobo than chic.

white-suit-look (3)2015-trend-the-pant-suit-women-style (13)

How to wear a suit in winter and look sophisticated?

Throw a great coat over your shoulders. Faux fur for extra extra rich-luxurious vibes. Belted wrap coat for that modern 70s take.

2015-trend-the-pant-suit-women-style (2)2015-trend-the-pant-suit-women-style (16)

A great bag, either big and structured or even a clutch is essential.


Great accessories: long thin necklace or body chain, a statement ring or bracelet.


A pair of FAB shoes. I think nothing beats high heels with a pantsuit, but comfort does make a case, so if you’re wearing flats add more femininity to the suit with small details. (great top, red lips, messy hair.)

white-suit-look (2)white-suit-look (4)

And now more pics for inspo…

2015-trend-the-pant-suit-women-style (5)2015-trend-the-pant-suit-women-style (6)2015-trend-the-pant-suit-women-style (14)2015-trend-the-pant-suit-women-style (15)2015-trend-the-pant-suit-women-style (18)2015-trend-the-pant-suit-women-style (19)2015-trend-the-pant-suit-women-style (21)2015-trend-the-pant-suit-women-style (22)2015-trend-the-pant-suit-women-style (23)2015-trend-the-pant-suit-women-stylea8cd8a60ff71db2100a2c53f439512a7ab148ab104d469c330941ede7cac8128bcfd05667485a149b68f827b9fd91d14bbba7394a3ef4c85a3c8cb5003418908beee5aac45f808f93f4ab4b9eb8f06f8black-pansuits-trendc2db69892890b450ef849dd1989f0bc5d5100866d0b10b8c9e2f1cecd0d6568ff004c25261a38006f69b6bb1b7787271girls-in-pansuits-looksred-suit-street-style-trend (2)red-suit-street-style-trendsuit-multi-and-basic-shirt-street-style-seconds-1white-suit-look (5)white-suit-look (6)white-suit-look (8)white-suit-lookwinter-looks-girls-pansuits (2)women-suits-trendwomen-black-suitswinter-looks-girls-pansuitswinter-looks-girls-pansuitswinter-looks-girls-pansuits (4)winter-looks-girls-pansuits (3)

So pantsuits ladies: YES or NO?

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  1. The Suit Rendezvous says:

    Excited to see suits get some attention! These women are rocking it.
    Check out for even more suit inspiration!

  2. Delores Lyon says:

    Wow, I had no idea that suits were so in style! I think that it is time for me to find a place to get me a custom tailor made suit. It would definitely be nice to have something so trendy in my wardrobe for once. It also sounds like I need to grab a clutch or two to go with the suit that I get.

  3. nathalie x woahstyle says:

    Well done. Thanks so much for putting together this inspiration!!

    xo, Nathalie


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