The Perfect Jacket!

They said 2016 is all about oversized jackets and new sartorial crushes, aka ‘can we please try a little harder than the already too-worn leather jacket?! Thank you.’ My prayers were answered – a jacket that has it all, but it’s not leather – has arrived.

Actually it’s got superpowers, and tons of swag, and versatility, and I can sometimes wear it to the gym, and sometimes to work, and sometimes for meetings when I pair it with uber posh outfits. It’s sporty and casual, with a retro-college reminiscence that gives it incredible sophistication when I pair it with smarter outfits.

My Captain America Varsity Jacket is officially my fave item in the world, and to be honest with you it’s my favourite jacket so far. I love that it’s slightly oversized, I got it in size M, which means two things.

(1) It makes me look like those super cool kids/bloggers/can’t-be-bothered-rich-babes-who-love-the-hobo-look in an instant, especially when I wear it with mom jeans and sneakers or brogues, bold lips, and messy hair. It is literally the easiest look in the world. Being oversized makes it perfect for the fashion-editor-swag-look: wearing it around your shoulders. Being an oversized varsity jacket it makes me feel like a college kid. Again.

(2) Oversized means it fits the boys, so when my husband tried it on and it fit him (though it’s a bit too fitted for him, but it works), he was like ‘Okay, this is officially mine, I’m stealing it.’ He loves it. It is a men’s jacket which makes it so much better for the girls. The sartorial irony, I know.

We, of course decided to share it.

oversized-varsity-jacket-thefashiontag-2 Captain-America-Varsity-Jacket-thefashiontag-6 Captain-America-Varsity-Jacket-thefashiontag-8 dana-cristina-straut

Why is Captain America the perfect jacket? Not only it ticks the trend boxes of 2016 (oversized, menswear inspired, sporty-athleisure), but it really has superpowers.

Fashion superpowers.

No matter what you have on, no matter the #OOTD, the moment you put this oversized varsity jacket on your back, or just let it chic’ly hang off your shoulders, you look like you got swag and you mean business. You know your shit.

It’s sophisticated, and it has a retro sort of college traditional vibe to it that makes it effortlessly cool. The colour is brilliant: dark blue with white and red stripes for that sporty casual vibe. And it has the superhero badge. Shut the front door.

Quality wise it’s insane: it’s soft, it keeps you warm, you don’t sweat in it, it’s not bulky which is great when you do oversized, so it follows you body-line naturally. Price wise it’s a bargain, and the shipping is super fast.

Of course Captain America might not be your #1 hero, and that’s fine, cause the shop – Celebsclothing – has all the superheroes jackets. It is the most popular movie clothing store. So just make sure you check them out here and find your own. I’m telling you they are fabulous. The perfect statement-traditional mix in jackets.

I wore my oversized varsity jacket with jeans + cropped top + velcro sneakers + bold lips + bling cause that’s like the most comfortable style for me, and that was my mood that day. But Captain America looks great with anything from athleisure outfits to heels and smart attire. Trust me, it’s all road-tested.

And now the photos:


Captain-America-Varsity-Jacket-thefashiontag-9 Captain-America-Varsity-Jacket-thefashiontag-1 dana-cristina-straut-1 dana-cristina-straut-2 Captain-America-Varsity-Jacket-thefashiontag-11 Captain-America-Varsity-Jacket-thefashiontag-5 Captain-America-Varsity-Jacket-thefashiontag-12 dana-cristina-straut-3 dana-cristina-straut=5 Captain-America-Varsity-Jacket-thefashiontag-13 dana-cristina-straut-6 Captain-America-Varsity-Jacket-thefashiontag-18 Captain-America-Varsity-Jacket-dana-cristina-straut dana-cristina-straut-Captain-America-Varsity-Jacket-thefashiontag-20 Captain-America-Varsity-Jacket-thefashiontag-19 Captain-America-Varsity-Jacket-thefashiontag-25 Captain-America-Varsity-Jacket-thefashiontag-24 Captain-America-Varsity-Jacket-thefashiontag-27-dana-cristina-straut oversized-varsity-jacket-thefashiontag-3 Captain-America-Varsity-Jacket-thefashiontag-30 Captain-America-Varsity-Jacket-thefashiontag-29 oversized-varsity-jacket-thefashiontag-4 Captain-America-Varsity-Jacket-thefashiontag-31-dana-cristina-straut oversized-varsity-jacket-thefashiontag-6 oversized-varsity-jacket-thefashiontag-5

Captain America Varsity Jacket | Superhero & Varsity Jackets | Celebsclothing Shop 

Photos by Florina Ciupertea. 

Have a great week my loves. xoxo