Oversized Trend is taking over: Is it really that flattering though?

I gotta say growing up – oversized clothes were anything but flattering in my case (taller and thinner than average might have had something to do with this now style misconception. maybe?), but I did wear then back in the day. You know the infamous baggy jeans, the oversized sweatshirts, flannel shirts, maxi skirts. Things got better for me when fashion started being more flattering in terms of cut and fit, and it somehow overlapped with me growing up, being more confident, knowing a few more things about what I like and what I don’t in terms of fashion. But common who doesn’t look good in skinny jeans for example? I mean contrary to belief they are theeee most flattering jeans cut. According to todays fashion they’re pretty dead gone, god knows I wrote a piece on this – while not-so-secretly clutching to 358 pairs of skinnies.

Anyway… while fashion is still very inclusive in terms of what to wear in 2021 – some trends do stick out more than others and somehow make more of a statement, and even hang around more than others. THIS is the case with OVERSIZED trend. Big clothes are everywhere. And we’re not just wearing them balanced with fitted clothes, you know – oversized bottoms, fitted tops and vice versa. No sir. We are drowning in oversized. Tops, trousers, tees, jackets, coats, shirts, chunky boots, big square heels – everything is a few sizes bigger.

Interesting isn’t it.

This craze started a while ago and with this pandemic I feel like it’s only gonna get bigger (lol) – we’re home still, sort of, working in loungewear or sweats, getting further and further away from diet culture (thank god!), loving food, loving our little routines, getting focused on some others things, and body image I guess ain’t that big anymore. Hopefully. I am reaching here maybe a little bit, but I do believe fashion goes deeper than what the eye meets, and is a relefcltion of much more than just clothes.

So in this mindset context and social reality – oversized trend and clothes are a form of body liberation, defocusing on body image and focusing on comfort, style, fabric quality, movement, accessories… Maybe. Who the hell knows.

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How to wear and style oversized trend?

Honestly I think it’s easier said than done and it’s only flattering on some people. You gotta try it to see how it looks on you. But theoretically you just go and pick 1,2,3 sizes bigger clothes and start layering.

Thankfully though we can now buy tailored oversized blazers, trousers, coats… so you can do that for a more fitted but kinda baggy vibe situation, OR if you want to go literally a size up blazer.

Going up a few sizes looks amazing in t-shirts, flannel shirts, sweatshirts, even blazers and coats maybe – but for trousers or jeans my opinion is that nothing beats tailored versions. If you want bigger, go for oversized tailored cut, wide leg jeans, baggy fit with fitted waist etc.

Oversized suits look amazing BUT they can also look frumpy. Oversized coats can look either expansive OR homeless. It’s really a gamble and it’s all about how these pieces look on you, and fit you rather than the theoretical rules.

Not to be un-fair or anything, on the contrary, oversized trend does not flatter everybody. Here’s a little true story about my mim just. a few weeks ago. She’s a huge zara fan, like she’d buy anything from this retailer just cause she loves it, but lately she’s gotten so vocal about what crappy clothes they have: ‘Everything is huge and frumpy OR too tiny. It’s an impossible style.’

So I got to thinking is it really so? And quite frankly from her perspective it is – she looks horrendous in oversized clothes, cause her body type needs a bit of fit and tailored definition. And there’s millions of women out there with the same preference.

So… not all that’s instagram gold is really that fab IRL.

Do we love it?

Yeah we do. Even if it’s just in theory, although nothing beats an oversized cut blazer, oversized trend is amazing for what it represents underneath all those sometimes frumpy clothes.

Style tips

Go for more quality fabrics, expensive looking, fitted waists, classic staple pieces, rich looking accessories, good bags, nice nails… And have fun with it. Who knew when we’ll all be squeezing back in spandex like trends.

xoxo D.