#OOTD: Suicide Squad Jacket

If you’re a fan of the latest cult film – Suicide Squad – this post is for you. If you’re also constantly torn between 2 jackets (colours) this too is a post you will love, cause like nothing else out there the jacket I’m wearing today caters to two loves. In this case wearing both a red and a blue jacket. Perfection. It was only after this Sunday when I wore my new Suicide Squad jacket from Celebsclothing that I actually realised I kinda love blue. First time ever in my life I’ve had a blue crush.

With autumn almost here it’s as clear as a blue blue sky that we’ll be needing some jackets to hang around our shoulders more often than not. 2016 Autumn comes with a few looks and trends that this jacket nails: bomber inspired, statement, pop-culture, reminiscent of 80s-borderline-90s, tells a story.

So I couldn’t be happier to have been gifted with this jacket. It’s a statement jacket alright, so styling it may be a bit tricky. I was constantly torn between keeping it simple or mixing it chaotically – because it is a Suicide Squad item and a very glam-tells-a-story-jacket-kinda-jacket, so why bother belittle it, when I should embrace its loudness.

I’ve realised you can style it any way you please but it tends to look best paired with black, or jeans. Also if you wanna wear it as a top with just a bra underneath it can be a very going-out look a la Rihanna.

dana-cristina-straut-suicide-squad-jacket-thefashiontag-1 dana-cristina-straut-suicide-squad-jacket-thefashiontag-22 dana-cristina-straut-suicide-squad-jacket-thefashiontag-16

Why I love my Suicide Squad jacket? Give me statement something and I’ll take it and put a pin in it anyday. Period. My first reaction of this jacket was just Wow. And then it took a little time for everything to settle in. Those around me were struck by the same reaction, and I’ve found that guys love it a lot, and when they realise it’s the Suicide Squad jacket they literally lose it. Hello little brother and husband!

Quality wise Celebsclothing are super high rated. This is the second jacket I have from them and I really like it beyond the fashion reasons.

dana-cristina-straut-suicide-squad-jacket-thefashiontag-21 dana-cristina-straut-suicide-squad-jacket-thefashiontag-6

The Suicide Jacket is thick so it’s more for fall rather than summer. The fabric is incredibly soft-silky, so it feels absolutely great on the skin, it has a perfect cut and tailoring, and this is coming from a person who is rather tall, and I’m always scared jackets will not fit me arms and waist wise. But it did.

I am normally a size S but this jacket is size M. I think I’d get a size L or even XL now, just cause I love oversized jackets, and that very cool and urban masculine look a massive jacket has.

If you love this jacket and you wanna buy it go for it. Quality wise it’s amazing. Fashion wise it’s a statement alright. And shipping wise it’s really fast.

My outfit pics below:


dana-cristina-straut-suicide-squad-jacket-thefashiontag-36 dana-cristina-straut-suicide-squad-jacket-thefashiontag-37 dana-cristina-straut-suicide-squad-jacket-thefashiontag-38 dana-cristina-straut-suicide-squad-jacket-thefashiontag-39 dana-cristina-straut-suicide-squad-jacket-thefashiontag-40

dana-cristina-straut-suicide-squad-jacket-thefashiontag-3 dana-cristina-straut-suicide-squad-jacket-thefashiontag-4 dana-cristina-straut-suicide-squad-jacket-thefashiontag-2 dana-cristina-straut-suicide-squad-jacket-thefashiontag-5 dana-cristina-straut-suicide-squad-jacket-thefashiontag-8 dana-cristina-straut-suicide-squad-jacket-thefashiontag-7 dana-cristina-straut-suicide-squad-jacket-thefashiontag-9 dana-cristina-straut-suicide-squad-jacket-thefashiontag-11 dana-cristina-straut-suicide-squad-jacket-thefashiontag-13 dana-cristina-straut-suicide-squad-jacket-thefashiontag-10 dana-cristina-straut-suicide-squad-jacket-thefashiontag-14 dana-cristina-straut-suicide-squad-jacket-thefashiontag-12 dana-cristina-straut-suicide-squad-jacket-thefashiontag-17 dana-cristina-straut-suicide-squad-jacket-thefashiontag-23 dana-cristina-straut-suicide-squad-jacket-thefashiontag-20 dana-cristina-straut-suicide-squad-jacket-thefashiontag-24 dana-cristina-straut-suicide-squad-jacket-thefashiontag-26 dana-cristina-straut-suicide-squad-jacket-thefashiontag-25 dana-cristina-straut-suicide-squad-jacket-thefashiontag-27 dana-cristina-straut-suicide-squad-jacket-thefashiontag-29 dana-cristina-straut-suicide-squad-jacket-thefashiontag-28 dana-cristina-straut-suicide-squad-jacket-thefashiontag-34

dana-cristina-straut-suicide-squad-jacket-thefashiontag-32 dana-cristina-straut-suicide-squad-jacket-thefashiontag-35 dana-cristina-straut-suicide-squad-jacket-thefashiontag-41 dana-cristina-straut-suicide-squad-jacket-thefashiontag-42 dana-cristina-straut-suicide-squad-jacket-thefashiontag-45 dana-cristina-straut-suicide-squad-jacket-thefashiontag-47

Get the look here: Celebsclothing | Harley Quinn Suicide Squad Jacket  | Suicide Squad Jackets 

Photos by Cosmin Straut.