Online Shopping: Hottest Deals Of The Week!

Do you ever wanna just random shop? Like legit fantasise about all the online shopping deals in the world and put in all in your cart? Valentino shoes on sale, Chloe bag, Topshop flirty dresses, MAC lipstick… sigh. I got your back though. As an obsessed human with fashion, online shopping, IRL shopping, and sales I thought why not intoxicate you too with my little obsession and give you a heaven of sales.

Makes sense right?

What To Shop For This Week?

Every time there’s a shopping situation on a roll I make a promise to only buy what I need and what has super staple quality. Of course that rarely happens. Hence my sales condition which translates to my incapacity to pass by any sales out there. A tee for a buck? I don’t bloody need it, but I’ll take it. In all the colours.

More so I’m also kinda obsessed with makeup on sale. Lipstick alert. It’s very easy to create statement looks and super chic styles with just a bold colour lipstick, so I’m all for buying great and daring colours, because most of the times I can;t be bothered out of a plain tee and jeans. So then… my style gimmick in bold lips. I ain’t that stupid am I?

From designer to retail, from super luxe and expensive to more affordable, here are my fave picks for you.



Enjoy! xoxo