ONecklace-jewellery (2)First time I came across ONecklace Jewellery brand I instantly thought of Carrie Bradshaw and her golden name necklace she wore everywhere. I confess I’ve always wanted one, though it seemed a bit weird wearing my own name marked across my neck, but fast forward a few years and I’m saved by my blog. Ha! So you can imagine my excitement when ONecklace contacted me and asked me to pick a custom made necklace (name, metal and writing). I was like ”This is it. I’m getting my Carrie little omen“. Instead, I’ve opted for my FashionTag omen for the same reason: my name is really not all that interesting, and having to wear it and commit to it socially to all strangers was a bit too much for me. Besides when people ask me now ”- FashionTag? What’s that? – Well if you must know… it’s my blog. (giggles), and all I think about is what a brilliant marketing strategy all this is. ONecklace-jewellery-custom-made-necklaceonecklace-jewelleryButterflies and a bit of self consciousness packed in, I decided still, to confront my demons (read itsy bitsy fears) and show you my ONecklace jewellery piece in a style post. (gulp). Before scrolling down to the pics, let me fill you in on my ONecklace fashion adventure and tell you a bit about why I actually fell in love with this brand and my name necklace. So the story unfolds… Ever since I’ve received it (on Thursday I think, last week) and put it on right in the car, after ripping open my little gift, baring the same excitement a toddler has on her birthday, I fell in love with it. I’v asked mine to be plated gold and have a hand writing FashionTag name – and it was more than I’d hoped for. The necklace is super feminine, thin, and it’s got that fine jewellery quality to it. I love how it’s not too long and it sticks to the skin in the most nonchalant way, as if it was just thrown there with the name across it. The gold plated (yeas you’ve heard that right) metal looks amazing on my skin (I know I’m a bit obsessed with golden jewellery, so I figured I should stick to my obsession on this one too. Great choice!) and this exquisite little piece can be styled with anything. For the past 5 days (I’m wearing it as we ‘speak’) I’ve had it on for: work, music festival, dinner out with friends, photo shoot (doh), out with the girls, family time. So you see… its fashion quality is intact and does rise to our highest expectations. To proceed on a more practical note, I’m impressed with its quality. Coming from a person who is allergic to a few metals out there and cannot stand to wear some (beautiful I might add) pieces more than a few hours, without scratching my skin like a possessed freak, I have to say this was my greatest fear towards this necklace. So here I am on my 5th day, haven’t taken it off, no scratch, I’ve showered with it, it didn’t ruin its color, have slept in it, didn’t break, didn’t cause me allergies. I’m happy. And it came in a posh little box that I simply adore. gift_pack_imageFashionTag-style-necklace-ONecklaceThe range of products ONecklace offers is fantastic, all baring the same custom made quality, which I find absolutely great. You can pick your kind of metal (silver, gold, gold plated, diamonds, swarovski, sparkling, brushed etc) and what you want it to say in the font you love (from simple to sophisticated and uber glam styles). You can write names, initials, or engrave them on a metal shape you love (hearts, circles, crosses, stars etc). The process is fun and easy: you click on the model, follow the steps, add to chart and it’s free shipping. Yay! And the prices are not the you-have-to-break-the-bank type. Perfect for anniversary, birthday or just a gift you wish to make to yourself or somebody else. (Browse through ONecklace shop here). how-to-style-necklacesAnd now more photos from my Saturday photo-shoot…which was actually not as stressful as I thought, we kind of made it into a fun girls day, and courtesy of my friend photographer Anca and my best friend Julie who’s always got my back and support, we did it. Nothing a great camera, artist and tons on makeup can’t do. We did party hard until Saturday morning, and to be honest I’d never thought we’d make it lol. A refreshing lemonade, a little chat to get us in the mood and establish some locations around town, a healthy delicious sandwich and 1 hour later I was feeling like a diva posing everywhere. Since my new chic necklace was the centerpiece I’ve decided to keep it simple and not fuss too much about what to wear (a lot of leg work was involved too and with my hang-over kicking in God knows when, clothes were not on my mind). I went with basic stuff: black skinny jeans and my gold studded belt, cobalt blue silky top tucked in, studded flat sandals (anybody senses an obsession? no.), Rare London bag, aviator shades, high bun, and accessories (golden watch, H&M golden black ring and knuckle rings, and a vintage ring). Note to myself: nails need a retouch girl! FashionTag-custom-made-jewellery-ONecklacecustom-made-jewellery-ONecklaceONecklace-custom-made-jewellery-necklacebasic-look-necklacesFashionTag-name-necklaceFashionTagWe wrapped it up at this old or new (well new in town anyway) circus baby-blue carousel (which was out of service for the moment, but anyway) and I have to say I loved every minute of this experience. Fun, cool, no fuss, and pretty fast, sort or like wham bam thank you mam, but in a friendly kinda way. Thanks to all!

And now here come the links, credits et all:

Custom-made ONecklace Shop here  | Facebook | Twitter |

photographer: Anca Varsandan | Anca Varsandan Photography Facebook |


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  2. PieceS of sOuL
    PieceS of sOuL says:

    You look very beautiful!
    and you also showed us one of your favorite tank top ( I suppose, since you included “him ” in the photo shoot) for this summer, Great!


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