long-hairstyles-2012On this yet another hectic and we-all-hate-it Monday, I thought we’d talk hair, girls. Actually this is not (only) about long hair, but more importantly, One-Length-Hairstyles or haircuts, be it long or medium. I’m no expert when it comes to hair, actually – good hair and I – don’t fit in the same sentence, but a girl can still dream and hope, and we sure get those haircut obsessions and act on the scissor impulse every now and then. My time has come to do a change. In theory. Practice comes second of course. This one-length-haircut is so on my list right now and I can only think of do’s and pluses when it comes to it. straight-one-length-hairFirst of all, the same length thing is super healthy for your hair and it better protects its ends from splitting. If your hair is dead straight and thick (mine’s just the former d’ohhh) it’d be a shame not to get this cut. 

Second of all, it’s quite a trendy cut. I’m starting to see it everywhere, from streets to catwalks and the world wide web. Besides, even if it’s not trendy, it looks so sleek, polished, clean and classy, it’s irresistible. With or without bangs it looks healthy and timeless-retro. It’s got a bit of rocknroll, a bit of preppy vibe, a bit of boho-chic. A bit of whatever you’re like, or wanna feel like. 

And third of all, enough with the layered hairstyles! As good as they look and suit just about anyone, for the past years we all look like we’re at a loss of hairstyles, and settle for this once-cool-now-boring cut. How did I get stuck in this un-imaginative and on-everyone-s-head hair trend? Not yet ready to chop off my locks, I will sleek them up though. long-hairstylestraight-one-length-hairlong-straight-hairstraight-one-length-hairone-length-hairstyleslong-hairstyle (2)one-length-hairone-length-straight-hairsleek-one-length-haircutShould we acknowledge the death of layered hairstyles already, and call it a decade or however long it’s been? One length haircuts are by far a new invention, but it’s actually this back to basics and simplicity that have me running off to my stylist to get the sleek hair chop. What do you think? Have we moved on from the layers and if so, where to? 

P.S. By next month or even by tomorrow, I might, just might find the layered hairstyles the best. Talk about hair inconsistency or the lack of for that matter…

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    • Fashion Tag (Dana Cristina) says:

      haha! I will Zoe, promise. As soon as I cut it, i’ll post a few pics :) I’ll probably take a while, until i get the courage, but i’ll do it! :) xoxo

      • Zoe says:

        :) You encourage me! But prob is, that, to get one length, one has to take the shortest part of the hair as an orientation and as my hair is pretty layered… I feel it would get rather short and would be about shoulder length….which, objectively speaking, is not short but still, compared to now… I need more time :DDD

  7. Zoe says:

    Awww, nice post! I´ve seen this hair all around recently and really like it….my hair falls to the middle of my back but WITH LAYERS :D I really like it actually, but a one-length-haircut is one thing which came to my mind in the last weeks…but I´m afraid it looks boring…maybe i should just try out…as you said, in theory :D I have this haircut for such a long time and to get something new costs quite an effort…Im certainly a coward in the end :D
    Greets form Germany!

    • Fashion Tag (Dana Cristina) says:

      omg, i so know what u mean. i’m so scared on one hand it’ll look boring, like u say, but on the other, when i see it on other girls, it looks so polished and effortless, I love it. So… one of these 2 next weeks I’m getting the one-length hair. Have to do it. If it doesn’t feel or look right I’ll just go back to my layers. Let’s not be cowards Zoe!!!! Thanks :) xoxo

  8. Catalina Horodinca says:

    I tried this haircut one year ago and I loved it ( I did it myself). Most of the time I wore it wavy, but after a while went to hair saloon to style it a bit, and did some layers on my hair. Now I want it back, straight and “boring”.

  9. caroline says:

    These are so great! I love the look of long hair with bangs. That’s how I used to wear my hair until I cut it all off! I kind of miss it….

    • Fashion Tag (Dana Cristina) says:

      Yeah i love that look too. Thanks C! i wanted to cut my hair short, but now… i’m thinking of getting bags, cutting it at the same length (no layers anymore) and after a while I’ll just chop it off :)


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