Single And Fabulous!

Exclamation point. Seriously, who needs a plus one when just one can cause a commotion. With exclamation points and all. Fabulousness and everything else. Up to… errr a minute ago strutting single on the scene of fashion was a major faux pas. Or just simple ignorance. Now it’s a coveted thing. Forget two’s and plus ones and pairs and couples, that’s like so last Tuesday. These days it’s all about single.

Who needs two earrings when one alone and only alone and by itself, hanging and dangling like an idiot high on happiness on an earlobe colder and more indifferent than a tree, can do the trick? Oh and what a trick. Major statement and fashion point. Exclamation to that!


So… #1 The fad in town these days is to lose your plus one, and instead rock a single earring. #2 This is not about humans, so don’t go running off on that little sucker holding your hand, unless of course your want to.

The ‘single’ bit I am relentlessly ranting on about has to do with EARRINGS, and how dated it is this fall to rock pairs.

You know, just when I got a bit bored with the cycle of trends in fashion, she hits me with a cool fad, that will probably last a season only, but is nonetheless cool. It spices things up. It brings some razzmatazz to our boring sartorial lives. Okay, maybe not boring, but repetitive. And I get it, nothing is new, not even this single one earring fad.

I mean if the 80s are known for one thing that is the one earring trend. And kitsch. Kitsch too.

Every single girl and woman tried this single earring trend at least once if she lived in the 80s. We’re emulating stars these days, and it was the same back then. When Madonna rocked her Like a virgin outfits and topped everything off with this rebel cheeky one earring thing every girl and woman who loved fashion and wanted to break a few sartorial, cultural, and social boundaries followed in her footsteps. Janet Jackson was another icon who rocked this look more than once. It was a thing people. And now it’s coming back. Sans the pink-blue-green makeup hopefully. Or the scrunchie.

one-earring-trend-14 one-earring-trend-15 one-earring-trend-16 one-earring-trend-23


Why are we ditching our plus one earring?

And what’s next, walking in one shoe? Funny lines aside, the one earring trend has probably got more to do with the style statement one massive earring can do.

It’s a no-brainer really. If you drape yourself in diamonds the effect is bound to be so over-the-top it looses its very essence. If you just wear a diamond necklace than it’ll get noticed. And you, praised for the style. If you do red lips and bare face, it’ll be more of a red-lip-statement than when you do bold eyes and lips together.

It’s about creating a statement through an absence. Two earrings everyone expects, ONE alone will cause a fashion commotion.


Is there a style trick to wearing ONE earring?

I’m inclined to say YES to this, otherwise we’ll risk looking like we just forgot to put both earrings on. So to avoid looking air-headed (I know I could use a few tips here, so please throw advice at me in the comments below) don’t do the ONE earring trend with regular earrings: studs, tiny little earrings that are meant to be plus ones forever.

Instead go for statement, massive, intricate, unusual earrings styles that work better on their own. Or, work better on their own as well.

one-earring-trend-2 one-earring-trend-3 one-earring-trend-4

What styles to pick for a guaranteed single earring statement?

First I feel like it’s tres importante to wear your hair up, or just one-side-up hairstyles so you can show off your statement you know.

A long earring all the way down to your collarbone, or just past your jaw-line is absolutely fabulous. Sleek. Elegant, and a bit rocknroll. A popped collar on your leather jacket and dayumn!

Geometric massive earrings are a great choice for more over-the-top looks. You can go for gold, silver or colourful items.

Statement earrings. Full stop. Those glamorous styles that were once so IN, and still are (nothing is out of style anymore these days). Lose the pair and work ONE alone. Perfection.

So we can either do this – rock out what we already have in terms of earrings by ditching one – or we can pick single earrings that are meant to stay single for life. Like these little beauties below. My faves by the way. Sigh. I am dying over them.


Being Friday and all, maybe we can break this look tonight. So, in case that should cross our minds… I got your back. Street style inspo below.


one-earring-trend-1 one-earring-trend-5 one-earring-trend-6 one-earring-trend-7 one-earring-trend-9 one-earring-trend-10 one-earring-trend-11 one-earring-trend-12 one-earring-trend-13 one-earring-trend-17 one-earring-trend-18 one-earring-trend-19 one-earring-trend-20 one-earring-trend-21 one-earring-trend-24 one-earring-trend-25 one-earring-trend-26 one-earring-trend-27 one-earring-trend-28

‘All the single ladies, all the single ladies’… I mean earrings… this waaaaay please. Don’t put any rings on it. No dates, no hooking ups. Stay single and dangle your fabulousness in our earlobes. Who needs two when one will do?

Have an amazing weekend you all!