Olivia Palermo Fashion & Styling Tips

Every respectable fashionista, blogger, fashion journalist, photographer, stylist or editor knows who Olivia Palermo is. I mean with a style like hers it’s pretty hard to go unnoticed in the fashion industry. Born in 1986 the American socialite, actress and model is one of the most photographed faces at fashion shows in New York, London, Paris and Milan. She started off as an actress in “The City” reality TV show, and now she’s guest editor for Piperlime. Not to mention fashion magazine covers and editorials of this New York city girl, interviews, articles, features and so on.

olivia palermo fashion

Again… what is she famous for? That’s an easy one… why her sense of style, of course. This girl can sure dress to turn heads and land in the pages of Vogue, Elle or Marie Claire with articles on her style or her  fashion tips. Too short to be a model, not an actual actress, not a designer, too rich to be a stylist… I’m still haunted by the same question. What does she do? Or better yet… would she still be famous for her incredible style were it not for her parent’s fortune and her rich NYC girl status? Hmm. That’s a challenge for you Olivia. Could you still dress fabulous with less? Well I supposed so, to a certain extent, I mean, she’s mostly known for the way she mixes her designer clothes with affordable pieces.

One of the first super rich celebs who started shopping at Topshop and wearing their clothes when sitting front row at fashion shows, Olivia Palermo became a style icon and fashion figure to look out for by whole generations of fashionistas. Sure she paired that ‘cheap’ Topshop jacket with uber luxurious and expensive dresses or trousers, but if the credit card has no limit and the tastes are refined… what the hell. So kudos for that Olivia. Then the other thing she’s most famous for is her accessorizing sense. Quite often she’s seen with statement necklaces over knitted tops or basic blouses. Golden bracelets, her famous watch (which she confessed she can’t live without), cat eye sunglasses, fabulous bags and shoes, and statement rings make her outfits effortlessly glamorous. olivia palermo fashion fashion-icon-olivia-palermo olivia palermo fashion olivia-palermo-accessories


I love how she mixes prints, uses pops of color, wears layers (sometimes 2 jackets) and fur all brilliantly accessorized. When asked about her style she describes it as classic with an edge, and quite eclectic. She’s not as fashion forward or risque taker as Rihanna is for instance, but she manages to dress classic and make it appear modern and trendy.

Her look is always refined and rather pretentious at times and I think she gets this luxurious vibe from the quality of her clothes: fine textures, rich fabrics and best cuts. She does admit the best thing about a piece of clothing, and the one thing to invest and look out for, is the tailoring. Always asked to throw us a bone on her styling and fashion tips, Olivia is pretty decent and doesn’t build a mystery wall around her fashion sense. What is the big deal, after all. It’s only clothes, right?

She told US Weekly some of her fashion tips for the holiday season. “For holiday travel I always pack chiffon dresses, a sunhat to protect from those harmful rays, and printed sarongs, and scarves.” “I also love a striped nautical look with a large tote for picnics.” For parties and nights out she gets her inspiration from menswear and plays a lot with fringes, feathers and jewellery. She considers velvet shoes as a must in any wardrobe, and confesses her love for them as they are “luxe, timeless and very durable”.

Her styling tips include red nails ladies, a sleek ponytail, smoky eyes or bold lips. When shopping for single pieces pay attention to the cut and the tailoring and if you’re getting a dress remember that its movement and easiness are crucial. For a subtle edginess opt for a pop of color and accessories, and she says it’s not how much they cost, it’s how they look, “if it’s $2.00 it’s even better.”

*olivia-palermo-all-balck olivia-palermo-all-black-style olivia-palermo-animal-print-coat olivia-palermo-beauty olivia-palermo-black-dress olivia-palermo-editorial olivia-palermo-mismatched-style olivia-palermo-layers-style olivia-palermo-fashion-look And since the freezing season is here to stay and Olivia Palermo lives in NYC she probably knows a few things abut how to stay comfy and warm in winter. From what I’ve seen she’s a huge fan of fur, layers, parkas, boots, chunky heels & sweaters. For 2013 Spring/Summer she’s got a few fashion tips for us ladies and some trends she says we need to look out for and pick our fave: the neon trend, chunky heels, tribal prints, structured bags, printed jeans (these ones you need to pair with a basic top and fun printed shoes). A bit of mix and match, accessorizing and not over-thinking of the outfit will probably have us all looking like Olivia Palermo‘s. Right? Well… minus the cash and luxurious designer labels, but those are details that don’t define personal style. I guess… olivia-palermo-black-see-through olivia-palermo-bohemian-romantic-look olivia-palermo-business-suit olivia-palermo-chunky-heels olivia-palermo-cich-street-style olivia-palermo olivia-palermo-color-block-dress olivia-palermo-cut-offs olivia-palermo-dress olivia-palermo-editorial-fashion olivia-palermo-fall-look Olivia Palermo sports new haircut and wears leather pants in Brooklyn, New York olivia-palermo-fashion-editorial

olivia-palermo-fashion-week olivia-palermo-fashion-week-style olivia-palermo-fur

olivia-palermo-fur-vest olivia-palermo-large-pants olivia-palermo-leather-dress olivia-palermo-leather-shorts


olivia-palermo-look olivia-palermo-maxi-skirt olivia-palermo-nautical-style olivia-palermo-new-york-style eyeprime.blogspot.com olivia-palermo-oversized-trousers olivia-palermo-pencil-skirt

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olivia-palermo-short-skirt olivia-palermo-skinny-jeans-ballet-pumps olivia-palermo-statement-necklace olivia-palermo-stilish olivia-palermo-street-fashion olivia-palermo-street-style

olivia-palermo-street-style-look olivia-palermo-stripes-statement-necklace olivia-palermo-style

olivia-palermo-winter-style olivia-palermo-yellow-coat olivia-palermo-yellow-ress xoxo