Have you ever watched old movies and just sat in amazement at how beautiful the actresses were back then? Even from watching them in movies, it made you want to look them up and learn more about them. These women have transcended time on and off the screen but one of the biggest areas where they shined bright was in the world of fashion. If you look at pictures of old Hollywood starlets like Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn, you’d see that their style was classy and elegant, even when they were “dressed down.” It’s those elements of class and sophistication that old Hollywood glam brings that make it very relevant to this very day. 

They say that the only constant is change, and that statement is very true, but they also say that history repeats itself… Both of those statements are very true, especially in the fashion industry. How many times have you seen fashion trends that are here today and gone tomorrow? You see it all the time, but you also see that very same “here today, gone tomorrow” trend resurface a few years later… that’s a commonality in fashion but with old Hollywood glam… it never left the scene. If you have to ask yourself “is this still cool to wear?” then you’re in possession of a “trend” that has probably gone out of style.

Old Hollywood Glam is All About Class and Sophistication

When you hear the word old Hollywood glam, your mind probably automatically goes straight to all things pretty and sparkly, and that is true but there is an air of class and sophistication that comes with old Hollywood glam. It’s so funny because the word glam is used today in so many ways. They are all pretty much related in meaning but the way it’s used is so different than how it was back in old Hollywood.

Glam is ultimately used in various forms to mean pretty. Celebrities have their “glam squad” to get them ready for awards and special events. Girls want to get “glammed” up for their prom or birthday party… you see, it’s all a form of looking pretty. The starlets of old Hollywood made glam a way of life. For them, glam was a lifestyle, as if it’s all they knew. 

Because glam was a way of life back then, there are fashion staples that have stood the tests of time and are still popular to this day. Take a look at the old Hollywood fashion staples that are here today and will transcend into the future.

The Perfect Red Lip

What’s old Hollywood glam without a red lip? This particular staple has been around for many, many years, and isn’t going anywhere. Now, in wearing a red lip, you can’t just go and grab the first shade of red and think it’ll do… As crazy as it may sound, there is a process to wearing a red lip. To achieve the look, you’ll need to follow this 4-step process. 

  1. Pick Your Shade of Red

When looking for red lipstick, you can’t just go and grab the first red lipstick you see… you have to pick a shade of red that compliments the complexion of your skin. You don’t want your lipstick to make you look too pale or be too bright that it deflects from your complexion.

  1. Apply the Right Shade of Lip Liner

This is where lots of people go wrong. Most people think that you would want to grab a lip liner that’s red. No. The only way it’s okay to use a red lip liner is if the lip liner is the exact same color red as your lipstick. If it’s not, use a lip liner that’s the same color as your lips or a shade darker.

  1. Apply Your Lipstick

The best way to apply lip liner is with a brush, rather than applying the actual lipstick to your lips… the brush gives you more precision and accuracy.

  1. Add Lip Gloss for a Pop

Lastly, add a little bit of clear lip gloss to make your lips shine.

Pearly Whites

Nothing goes better with an old Hollywood look with red lipstick than a set of gorgeous white teeth… it was gorgeous back then and it’s still gorgeous today. Now, nobody has the same teeth and everyone’s smile is different but to keep things old Hollywood, your teeth need to be straight and white. That’s not saying to go out and get work done on your teeth to properly achieve this look. Going to the dentist is all part of good oral hygiene and that’s something you should be doing anyway. Whether you need braces, porcelain veneers, or to get your teeth whitened, make an appointment with your dentist to ensure your pearly whites are healthy… then you’ll really be ready for your closeups!

The Little Black Dress (LBD)

According to designscene.net, every woman should have a LBD in their closet. It’s a classic, simple dress that you can wear anywhere. The awesome thing about LBDs is that they’re not subjectified to a certain look… you literally can wear any color or shade with it and look classy and sophisticated. 

If you want to wear a red lip, go for it. If you want to wear gold jewelry, your dress isn’t going to do anything but make it pop. The LBD is a fashion staple that every Hollywood starlet had in their closet and so should you.


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