Office Dresses: How To Look Like You Rule The World?

You know those late afternoons, when you’re wearing office dresses and, on your way home you’re ambushed by paparazzi, and they stalk and follow you everywhere, from office, to lunches, to early dinners, to God knows where your busy schedule takes you that day? And you know that feeling of being followed by them photographers at all times? Yeah. Neither do I.

With this week’s photoshoot though, I got as close to this feeling as I ever will. Thank God for two things: magic hour, AND my polished business dresses from CECILY, a UK brand that designs the epitome of office dresses, to keep you looking the part at all times. No, seriously. It’s no frills and un-necessary extra thrills, but classic chicness, perfect lines, and textures to dresses that are TIMELESS.

I was lucky enough to wear two fab office dresses with the best quality ever, and that powerful razzamatazz that a perfectly tailored frock gives you.

They make me feel like I can rule the world, and nothing I want is ever impossible. That’s what a powerful outfit and empowering look tend to do actually, but I’ll tell you this: as a woman with a penchant for trousers and skirts I never thought I could rule the world in dresses. Well… what do you say, what do you know? Was I wrong, or what.

In fact it was just recently that I read in Vogue I think that the BUSINESS dresses, aka the office dresses, are the new work attire for professional women. And, frankly why not? While being queens of our castles we still wanna dress the part, and mingle, and manage, and be on top of our days while looking chic and feminine. And that’s exactly what Cecily business dresses do.

office-dresses-CECILY-5 office-dresses-CECILY-16 office-dresses-CECILY-19 office-dresses-CECILY-22

WHY I LOVE Cecily office dresses?

Uhh… aside from the above, their classic lines and cuts translate a perfect versatility, so you can wear them in the most simple beautiful way possible, with just a bag and a pair of classic heels, OR you can add your own spin on them, aka statement jewellery, trade an office bag for a clutch, a pair of classic pumps for some bright heels… and before you know it, the office dress can take you straight to some cocktail or dinner thing, where you will look polished and put together but also show your penchant for fashion. Through details.

Once I put these office dresses on, it was a total coup de foudre, and a perfect style marriage between ‘Mad Man’- fashion meets Carrie Underwood (‘House of Cards’), and those Italian fashion editors at Fashion Week.

office-dresses-CECILY-11 office-dresses-CECILY-23

What I Wore? 

Let me sigh a little bit before I proceed. Sigh. Sigh. Sigh. Okay, I’m good to go now.

The red dress – ANASTASIA – was utter perfection. ‘Mad Man’-inspired through the incredibly retro chic perfectly lined collar, and mid-sleeves, with a thick classic fabric that had just the perfect stretch in it to hug the body and give enough room for movement.

The green dress – RUBY GREEN – I saw as a perfect outfit for work and then fancy dinner somewhere, hence my statement necklace, bright fuchsia shoes and clutch. I felt so sophisticated and put together it’s crazy.

At the end of the day the perks of wearing office dresses is that you free yourself of all the sartorial headaches of pairing this with that, and layering. The incredible versatility they hold, such as the Cecily office dresses – makes them classic enough to add any personal style and fashion favourites, but in the end still ooze sophistication, an effortless elegance and refinement, and quite frankly comfort too.

And now the pics.


office-dresses-CECILY-1 office-dresses-CECILY-2 office-dresses-CECILY-3 office-dresses-CECILY-4 office-dresses-CECILY-9 office-dresses-CECILY-10 office-dresses-CECILY-12 office-dresses-CECILY-13 office-dresses-CECILY-14 office-dresses-CECILY-15 office-dresses-CECILY-17 office-dresses-CECILY-20 office-dresses-CECILY-21 office-dresses-CECILY-24 office-dresses-CECILY-25 office-dresses-CECILY-27 office-dresses-CECILY-28 office-dresses-CECILY-29 office-dresses-CECILY-30

Now that I am delusional enough to think I look the part, all I have to do is just go out there and make it happen. So ladies, let’s zip up those empowering and uber feminine office dresses and get to work. Now y’all sing along – ‘Girls, we rule the world!’

For more fantastic designs and, I am telling you, the best quality everrrr, make sure to check out:

CECILY SHOP right here.

What I wore: ANASTASIA red office dress | RUBY GREEN office dress 

Photos by my wonderful talented photographer Florina Ciupertea. Thank you!

Have a great weekend lovelies. xoxo