Occasion Wear: How to Achieve a Standout Look?

Whether it’s a wedding, a Christmas party or a day out at the races, achieving a standout look isn’t as straight forward as choosing the right clothes; there’s so much more to it than that. As the festive season approaches, you’ll be getting your fair share of invites to special occasions, so in order to help you look and feel good, we have put together some top tips to make you stand out from the crowd.

Dress the part

Obviously, the outfit you choose still plays a huge part in the overall look you achieve, so give it some careful consideration. Make sure what you wear fits properly, covers everything that it should and doesn’t make you look or feel like someone you’re not. Save the cocktail dress for the party, the maxi dress for the christening and the little black dress for, well, just about anything.

Be unique

Make a statement. Be bold and proud, but remember to be yourself. Just because everyone else is wearing a dress, doesn’t mean you can’t wear a flattering jumpsuit instead. And don’t worry if you’re the only one wearing heels, or not wearing heels for that matter. Dare to be different and wear something that people will talk about for all the right reasons, be it a fiery red dress, a beautiful bodycon number or flowing vintage one-off.

Seek help from others

If you’re not confident enough to choose the perfect clothes for yourself, then enlist the help of others. So many high street shops offer personal shoppers who’ll be able to advise on exactly what suits you. You can even hire the services of personal image stylists who specialise in things such as colour analysis, to ensure you definitely get it right. Failing that, take a close friend or family member shopping with you. Someone who you know will be brutally honest and will say what looks good and what doesn’t.

Wear the right jewellery

Be sure to compliment your outfit with the right piece of jewellery. If you’re wearing something that’s heavily patterned, then choose something simple to accompany it, such as a delicate pendant. If you have short hair or will be wearing it in a sophisticated up do, then pair it with some larger studs or dangly earrings. Or if your dress is classic and simple, why not jazz it up with a beautiful Diamonds Factory platinum bracelet?

Ooze confidence

One of the key things that’ll make you stand out at the next big occasion you attend is the ability to carry yourself with confidence. Think of it this way, you’re bound to only look as good as you feel. But if you’re wearing a stunning outfit in a style and colour that suits not just your complexion, but your personality too, then you’re bound to give off an air of confidence. Add to that the perfect jewellery to finish off your look and you won’t help but shine in more ways than one.

xoxo D.