Nude Diamond & Why I Fell In Love

11123649 That jewelry has super powers is no question. Un-debatable . And if you haven’t experienced them, it’s either because you haven’t worn jewelry or you haven’t found the one piece to steal your heart. I, on the other hand, a total extremist on both sides (minimal & over-the-top) found love in way too many pieces in my life, and keep doing so over and over and over again.

Still… Marilyn didn’t say ‘diamonds are a girl’s best friend‘ for nothing, so of course the moment I laid my eyes and hands on Nude Diamond pieces I was literally swept off my feet. Irony is, and those who know me know this, I’m more of an opulence-bling-kinda-gal, so… go figure. Life has its ways, and I for one am converted now to the superpowers of both diamonds, as well as… dainty delicate incredibly beautiful classy and elegant pieces. nude-diamond-jewelry-style (17) nude-diamond-jewelry-style (8) What I love about both the company – Nude Diamond – as well as their fabulous jewelry is the simplicity and elegance they stand for. They let the diamonds literally shine through, so the name ‘nude diamond’ stands exactly for the non-fuss, non-extra coats for the the sake of extravagance. It’s just diamonds. Pure, beautiful and exquisite stones dangling and hanging off refined and classic rings, necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. It’s brilliant. It’s new. And so groundbreaking. You don’t really need extra razzmatazz when it comes to the richest and most refined stones out there.

Diamonds. Nothing else.

And that’s exactly what women want every now and then. nude-diamond-necklace (6) When I’ve received my gift from them I not only loved the pieces but the packaging, which I felt stood for and mirrored the brand. Tasteful & luxurious.

A refined piece of jewelry does feel different when you put it on, it does carry a certain kind of luxury and subtle sophistication. It’s timeless. It’s delicate yet very powerful through exactly what it makes us feel when we wear them. The quality takes front stage alongside beauty and there’s no question about it.

What I’m wearing?

The LUEUR nude diamond necklace and the CLOVER nude diamond ring. 

The thing about diamonds is that no matter what you’re wearing they’ll look amazing, either complimenting an elegant outfit, or dressing up a look. I wore them with a black pencil skirt, a white simple cami top, a leather jacket and heels. Kept it minimal as the pieces themselves.nude-diamond-necklace (5) nude-diamond-necklace nude-diamond-necklace (3) Why I fell in love?

Because of how I felt wearing nude diamonds. Because of their beauty, and because as tiny and delicate as they are, their superpowers turned me into a diamonds and dainty jewelry lover. The way the diamonds stones catch the light, the way the subtly sparkle and look against the skin is brilliant. nude-diamond-necklace (8) nude-diamond-jewelry-style (16) I felt so effortlessly elegant and classy, rich and chic, that after the shooting I kept snapping selfies of myself and kept them on util the late hours of the night. And if you think diamonds are just a ladies thing, well… know this: even my husband (who couldn’t care less about the bling and the fashion) acquiesced to their beauty when he helped me put my necklace on.

”So these are diamonds? Nude diamond? Oh… wow!” Exactly.

And now the rest of the pics… :) nude-diamond-jewelry-style (12) nude-diamond-jewelry-style (14) nude-diamond-necklace (2) nude-diamond-jewelry-style (15) nude-diamond-necklace (4) nude-diamond-ring-look (2) nude-diamond-ring-look (3) nude-diamond-ring-look (4) nude-diamond-ring-look (5) nude-diamond-jewelry-style (5) Now if you’ll excuse me I’ll go feel rich and sophisticated in my diamonds. Truth is, the way some jewelry make us feel is exactly the essence of their superpowers and why we fall in love.

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Necklace: LUEUR nude diamond necklace

Ring: CLOVER nude diamond ring

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