Let’s Wear Vests And Be Wild Gypsies!

If going bare foot EVERYWHERE would be okay from all points of view, I’d totally do it. I’ve done it as a kid, what’s a few years later right? Well… funny you should ask. A few years later is: being slightly older, not wiser though (so we’re safe there), and is having a few extra obsessions among which fashion reigns. At heart though, we stay the same. Kind and a bit wild.

From this place of perfect-chaotic mix of moods and styles-clashing comes the comfort and cool bohemian happy vibes I had shooting a few pics for this blogpost.

I was gifted by Nomads Clothing with this beautiful boho-chic waterfall waistcoat I am wearing today, and I will be honest here: I ADORE the vest, I love how it speaks to my nomadic Latina roots, I love how free and careless it is, but I confess I was clueless as to how I should wear it.

You see, all throughout the day I thought I had a blouse on, and a blouse you wear with a bra (which I did). Turns out, I had a vest on, which, socially speaking requires more than a bra underneath. That’s the beauty of fashion though, you can do your own spin on anything and create constantly according to your moods and who you are that day.


I certainly had a fantastic time wearing this beautiful white vest with tassels, and a very summerish bohemian vibe to it. I felt in tune with myself that day, and it was all perfect. Shooting pics with the first photographer I had ever worked with, who’s also a close friend of mine now living in Estonia, way way too far away for us to keep on shooting fashion together on a constant basis. So you can imagine how happy it all felt: wearing my new crush gypsy vest, working with my girl, and later celebrating with a few wine glasses.

If you LOVE easy breezy clothes, the effortlessness of wearing eco-friendly and organic fabrics you will love Nomads Clothing brand. From basics, to dresses and tunics in those 70s inspired prints they have clothes that urge you to go out in nature, to go on picnics, to hunt for secret gardens and spent entire afternoons drowned in nature while staying effortless and boho-chic all the while.


My white tassel vest is probably one of these things in my closet right now that I can wear pretty much everywhere and style it in so many ways it’s crazy. I wore it here with jeans because I felt very comfy chic casual, and also because right now I am obsessed with the denim and white combo. Nothing will ever speak summer coolness to me more than this combination.

One tip though: unlike me, before you wear it make sure you iron it, and perhaps done a proper bustier, otherwise you will be faced with constantly having to adjust your plunging neckline and uh yeah walking around with wrinkled clothes. But… we’re all gypsies in here this summer – careless and free. :)

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For more clothes check out their shop – Nomads Clothing 

Shop the vest here – Waterfall Waistcoat

Photos by – Sandra Rugina