New York Fashion Week 2018 Fall: TRENDS & HIGHLIGHTS

Bold colours, super saturated blues and reds, and a reign of yellow we’re bound to witness and wear come 2018 fall. New York Fashion Week 2018 fall trends has begun (it’s almost ready actually) and it’s absolutely beautiful. According to designers we’ll be wearing a lot of clean lines, classic with a dash of retro (80s still strong, 70s are still in there), athlleisure inspired clothes are still trendy, long coats, faux fur, leather, beautiful colours and did I say yellow?! And the power suit.

What is new? Pop of colourful shoes, white boots very 80s style, tiny sunglasses, less prints, because everything is very clean, mature, sophisticated. At least so far it feels as if fashion took a massive step forward and decided to be more serious in a very fun and simple sort of way. We still have the amazing Alexander Wang with his insanely powerful black leather collection. STOP.

So I went through some of the shows up until yesterday and I’ve gathered some highlights and possible new trends we’ll be seeing next fall season. TBH we can start wearing them asap, a la winter or do them spring style.

1.80’s GLAM

When Tom Ford comes, alongside Alexander Wang and they shut down the show with the most powerful and glamorous outfits ever. Shiny leggings paired with glamorous blazers a la 90s Versace, hoop earrings (hallelujah) with a very retro hairstyle, animal prints mixed with animal prints, Matrix inspired vibes… everything that sparks empowerment and glamour is in! And so is everything 80s.

2. Shades of BLUE.

Blue, blue, blue moon…, anyway… 2018 fall is bringing back bold colours, and a bit of drama with blue being at the top of the list. From light blues, to cobalt hues, and navy blue outfits, either all-blue outfits, or mixed and matched with other shades – this colour will rule the world in 2018.

3. FAUX fur coats.

Fashion is slowly replacing fur with faux fur and it’s all over the runway. Not a new look, not a groundbreaking trend, but worth mentioning that it’s still strong, oversized, with a dash of classic.

4. Off the shoulders trend.

Think refined, think edwardian/victorian retro styles, romantic done in 2018. Very feminine, super long sleeves, and quite elegant.

5. Winter drama and glamour.

While denim is not so big, some designers prefer the skinny versions of the jeans pair with very deep and dramatic colours in coats, trench-like-sweaters that translate into a very casual but warm and elegant winter style. For evening everything is stunning: black, fur, spaghetti straps, fabulous tailoring that follows the body, gorgeous statement luxe earrings, red lips, sleek hair. It’s elegant and refined.

6. Oversized knit sweaters.

The sleeves are longer than a Monday, the cut is slouchy and oversized, and they come in all the trendy colours of 2018 (blue, red, purple and the classic greys et all).

7. Retro futuristic suits.

Desaturated shades and boxy shapes. Everything is relaxed, has good tailoring and a bit of 2018 sophisticated edge for those who love love love trends and fashion.

8. Sci-fi skiing.

Winter sports will be so trendy next winter you’ll wanna dress like a skiing doll high on winter steroids. Or maybe not.

9. Sports jackets & skirts & heels.

With athleisure still going strong, you can take your light sports jacket and pair it with your office skirt and heels. It’s a very eclectic, trendy and kinda sophisticated look.

10. DENIM.

Unfortunately for its lovers, denim is losing ground starting with this season. Not a lot is new next season: same ol’ oversized jackets, and pants, and I LOVE that light denim jumpsuit.

11. Dirty white.

Usually white is associated with summer but in winter it has that crispy luxe vibe that looks so good. New York fashion week fall 2018 trends come with all shades of white, from clean super crispy ones to more greyish tones.

12. White boots.

Hello the 80s called, they want their boots back. I love them, they’re so slouchy and point-toed it’s 80s meets 90s perfection!


Say no more. Matrix looks, leggings, and sports jackets aka massive puffer coats.

14. Back to black.

Listen, black will never be out of style. Sure… there may be brief reigns of reds, and whites, and nudes, and god knows what, but alongside these – black will remain the #1 staple. Period.

15. Cut-outs & slits – DECONSTRUCTION

It’s probably the sexiest and most grownup-sophsiticted style ever. Pencil skirts are reinvented, peplum skirts look edgier, crop sweaters, one shoulder straps, cut-out bras, and see-through fabrics.


Like black, leather will always always always be a staple, so much more than a trend that sticks to just one season. For New York fashion week 2018 fall trends – leather is incredibly dramatic, and black leather is more vinyl like, super sleek and superpower style paired with dramatic red fur, bold lips and sleek hair.

17. Fur insertions.

you’d think it’s all more subtle, and while it is… it’s also stronger, more feminine, and different, sort of like a past reminiscence of fur trimmed bell sleeves and fur scarves.

18. Graphic prints.

Prints overall are losing major ground in the next season as the sartorial world is focused more on solids, and vibrant colours sans the printed versions. Of course they’re not totally gone, and as little as they may be they still come up in graphic shapes, check prints, and animal prints.

19. Oversized long coats. 

Everyone give it up for the best New York Fashion Week 2018 trends. It’s practical, it looks amazing, it’s powerful and very dramatic. The coats are calf-length, loosely cut, in either faux fur, vibrant colours, long puffer coats, trench-coats inspired. Anything that is a style marriage of 80s and 2018 works.

20. PINK.

It’s 80s kitsch and super punk-cool done in a very glamours and very elegant way. All shades of pink will be massive next season.

21. Oversized suits.

Masculine relaxed lines are the key to 2018 fall. They’re paired with heeled boots, bold lips, matrix sunglasses, big belts (80s alert again), cropped puffer jackets. 

22. POP of colour. 

Never in a billion fashion years have colours looked more vibrant than they’ll be in 2018 fall. BEAUTIFUL. And bold. Orange, red, pink, blue, and yellow are all mixed together and colour blocked in the most fab fall outfits ever. I am absolutely obsessed with that bright orange long coat paired with that light pink dress and the pop of blue in the shoes. STOP. And I love love love that yellow sweater and grey skirt combo, again with the blue pop of colour in the shoes.


Nothing is sexier than a confident woman wearing loose closes that just hang effortlessly off her shoulders, like an 80s Melanie Griffith show stopper, in long loose pants and long coats, high heels and hands in pockets. Or a version of a posh 90s rockstar in loose pants that hang low paired with more fitted tops and heels.


I love the comeback and I love the new shapes. Pants are looser, blazers are longer and cinged at the waist, and the colours are more serious, dark, mysterious.

25. PURPLE rain. Purple rain. 

They say purple is the colour of kings and queens. It’s imperial. I love how it looks and if you can pull it off, and it goes well with your complexion do it. It’s incredibly sophisticated. For 2018 purple is worn either for evening or daytime, from light reddish tones to more deep burgundy-purple almost black styles.

26. RED. 

Here we are post Valentine’s Day and head to toe red still rules. 2018 is about the red’est-reds of them all.

27. Sweaters and pencil skirts.

I can almost see my mom back in the 80s wearing her baby blue sweater and navy pencil skirt with grey heeled boots. Perfection.

28. Trench-coats.

They’re more masculine, more loose cut, more dramatic somehow… like everything else in New York Fashion Week 2018 trends – trench coats are 50s menswear inspired. If you want statement go for check or animal prints. And always always always cinge them at the waist.

29. Yellow. 

A breath of summer in plain 2018 fall. Alongside red, blue, pink, and purple – yellow is one of the key players in New York Fashion Week 2018 trends.

30. NUDES. 

You may think they’re dainty and light, but they’re quite the opposite for 2018 fall. The looks are very strong and sleek and paired with dark lips and deep burgundy leather details.

xoxo D.