Need a last minute gift… Why A Sephora gift card is perfect!

Have you ever been in a situation where a friend gives you a present that you particularly don’t fancy? Foundation or lipstick that doesn’t match your tone, a fragrance or bracelet that you will never wear, or use? It is quite unfortunate that this happened to you, then why subject another person through the same event? Well, to eliminate all this, consider awarding them with a gift card instead.

Traditionally, it was customary to never attend a party or visit your friend’s home empty-handed. You were always expected to bring with you something small. But many are the times that you are perplexed on what to get them. Today though, you can still carry on this custom by taking with you a gift card. The perks of using gift cards are unfathomable, and below are the reasons why.


1. They Are Readily Available

Gift vouchers are available all around us. In food stores, supermarkets, clothing stores and most recently via the internet. The whole evolution of the internet has made it possible for busy folk to access and get a card or two quickly. For instance, you can easily purchase a Sephora gift card voucher for your sister’s birthday so that she can get that lipstick she has wanted for a while.


2. They Come In A Wide Range Variety

Another perk gift vouchers have to offer is the wide variety they come in. First of they are available for different items. Meaning you can get a coupon for makeup shopping, clothes as well as hotel accommodations and restaurants meals. Additionally, they also come in varying values. Such that you can get a card with 10 dollars on it and another for as much as 1000 dollars. You are then not limited to only one cash value but a broad selection.


3. They Are A Great Gift Option For All Ages

Gift cards, unlike physical gifts, are not age constricted. Well unless you are getting a gift card from a toy store. But even then, a mother may select a toy that is age-appropriate for their growing child. You may award a gift card from a clothes store to your baby cousin, big brother or grandmother. This makes them very appropriate. You may even purchase them in bulk, keep them, and use them whenever you need to. Although, you need to check their validity period to avoid wastage.


4. You Give Your Friend The Freedom To Get What They Want

Last but most importantly, your loved one has the freedom to get exactly what they need. It will completely eradicate the likelihood of wastage of funds into something that would never be used. They no longer have to fake a thank you knowing they might never wear that top you picked out for them. Now, they chose the top they want and one that they shall actually wear. They might just even want to purchase home decor things as opposed to the clothes you got for them.

It is a clear win-win solution. So the next time you are stuck making up your mind on what to get, consider getting a gift card. You won’t regret it.

xoxo D.