Name Necklaces: The One Thing I Always Have On

Right about the time ‘Sex And The City’ was breaking through and Carrie was causing commotions with her looks and her beautiful name necklace, that’s right about the same time I started coveting her style AND decided that all I ever wanted was a name necklace of my own.

Forward a few years later (okay, tones of years later) and ta-daaa! my wish not only came true, but I was happy it did. Cause you know sometimes you think you want something up until you actually get it, and then you realise you don’t want it anymore. Yeah, not the case here, hence the title.

My wish came true courtesy of Onecklace – my favourite jewellery and name necklace brand in the world. These guys rock. They are insane. The best quality in the world, everything’s gold or silver plated, the designs are amazing, the shipping is fast, the team over there is brilliant, the packaging is fantastic (great gifts alert!).

Those who know me, or those who don’t, but they randomly spot me in pics have seen how, regardless of what I wear or where I go to, I always have my NAME NECKLACE on. All. The. Time. I probably only took it off when I got married, cause I was wearing silver jewellery and my name necklace is gold. But that’s it.

I shower in it, I wear it to work, to parties, to swimming, to the beach, to get drunk, to get sober, to bed, to anywhere. And because it’s gold plated it looks brand new even after all these years, and I love it just as much. It’s so stuck on my heart and my persona, that I feel naked and bare without it.

thefashiontag-name-necklace-10 thefashiontag-name-necklace-9 thefashiontag-name-necklace-1

I’ve lost two of them over the years, but luckily the team over at Onecklace have gifted me with another name necklace + a fantastic engraved necklace that was custom made to my fave ‘quote’: WILD THING. aka moi.

That’s the thing about Onecklace: you go to their shop and it’s literally a heaven for beautiful jewellery lovers. They have so many amazing designs, pieces, necklaces, rings, bracelets, earrings, engraved, name plated that you can custom design to your own likes, or occasion, or person.

And YES, it is the go-to place for the perfect gift. A name necklace or engraved piece that says a person’s name or meaningful words for them or for you is the biggest and sweetest statement one can make to another loved one.

Not to mention – the necklaces are so dainty and beautifully designed they blend in with more pieces if you should want to layer, or they can just as well stand on their own. And they look fab with just about any outfit.

Also… bloggers’ alert: if you spell the name of your blog on it, it’ll be a great way to spread the word and have people ask you what it says, and then you’d be obliged to answer and happy to explain. #guilty

Anyway I chose to show it to you guys wearing a simple black dress & black light trench-coat. Photos are shot by my fave pal in the world with an eye of a tiger. Loved that spring day, and love the shots.

*thefashiontag-name-necklace-2 thefashiontag-name-necklace-3 thefashiontag-name-necklace-11 thefashiontag-name-necklace-8 thefashiontag-name-necklace-6 thefashiontag-name-necklace-5 thefashiontag-name-necklace-13 thefashiontag-name-necklace-14 thefashiontag-name-necklace-15 thefashiontag-name-necklace-17 thefashiontag-name-necklace-18 thefashiontag-name-necklace-23 thefashiontag-name-necklace-26 thefashiontag-name-necklace-28 thefashiontag-name-necklace-31 thefashiontag-name-necklace-33 thefashiontag-name-necklace-29 thefashiontag-name-necklace-30 thefashiontag-name-necklace-37 thefashiontag-name-necklace-38 thefashiontag-name-necklace-36 thefashiontag-name-necklace-35

Get the look:

Name necklace | Engraved necklace | Onecklace 

Photos by Florina Ciupertea.

Have a fab week my loves. xoxo