How To Dress At Summer Music Festivals?

This sounds like asking a Xmas Q on Easter, I know. But sun’s up, it’s shining, degrees decided to join it and go high as well, birds are singing their tunes, I’ve replaced my winter coats for less thicker outwear… so summer’s pretty much knocking at the door, you know what I mean? Okay. Spring. Spring’s here first, but it’s pretty much a tomato tomato situation. And let me tell you this – two things will happen to most of us once the warm weather stays. 1) Weekends outdoors will happen by default, and 2) Events – uhm, hello music festivals! – will be pouring in their fun all over our weekends and summer days.

Now let’s all take a moment and enjoy the memories of last years’ festivals and dream about the next to come.

And again there are two major things that happen at music festivals: 1) The music. All those brilliant wicked artists you’re dying to hear play, all those tunes you know by heart, they’re coming over. AND 2) The fashion. Never ever is fashion more celebrated than at the street style at music festivals and fashion week.

The best thing about fashion at music festivals is that rules literally do not exist, you can fuck off any do’s and don’ts and do your own thing. There is one major secret: FUN. It’s all about the fun at the event, it’s all about the coolness of summer, the music, the friends, the sun, the travel, the colours, the styles – and ALL of this is reflected in what you wear.

Everything looks laid back, very cool, borderline hipster, very summer’ish, relaxed, extravagant, simple, funky – everything is IN.

You don’t necessarily need to put feathers in your hair or up your ass to nail some dope festival look. You can do that too, of course, but there are a few festival staples that make a great outfit, or are just your go-to items for your music weekend. Pack them with you for a fab festival look.

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BOOTS. SANDALS. Shoes have to be comfy, and if rain should fall you shouldn’t cringe at it ruining your shoes. Go for rugged styles, for ankle boots, sneakers, for cowboy boots (my personal faves), for wellies. If it’s too hot, opt for sandals. Gladiators are still massive.

And never worry about styling. Everything goes with everything.


CUTOFFS. SHORTS. MININS. Bare legs are a major hit at music festivals, cause they’re comfy, cool, and look hot. And the festival uniform is none other than a pair of cutoffs. Personally I love classic denim or even black, rugged a bit and slightly oversized, boyfriend style.

Mini skirts, rompers, floral shorts everything works. They look incredibly flirty and bohemian and chic, and feel comfortable. I LOVE mini rompers and mini skirts, especially the high waisted tube styles, or the pleated flirty ones. They look fab paired with a bustier top.


BUSTIERS. BODYSUITS. Anything cropped is perfect for music festivals, from loose styles to fitted, to bustiers, bras, swimsuits – now is the time to flaunt them. I love them paired with absolutely anything. And they look amazing against very bold lips and funky shades.


MAXI SKIRTS. They look fab and so very boho chic, gypsy style. I love them paired with buster tops and a cool hat.


KIMONOS. They’re the bohemian version of the jacket, and they’re more for show rather than keeping you warm. But they do look amazing don’t they?


ACCESSORIES. Always go for funky styles, because you might have those days when you’d rather just wear all black, or all-white, or all-brown to a concert, and can’t be bothered with busters, and maxi dresses, and cool lips and that sort of stuff, so… statement accessories that look fab will add that needed razzamataz.

I love funky shades, body chains, head-pieces, hats, septum rings, massive bling, cool cross-body bags, not bigger than a wallet and a phone.


I really think it’s never too early to dream about summer days and what they have in store for us. And we can never ever have too much fashion inspo. No such thing. So there you have it – street style at music festivals! *sigh*


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And now it’s your turn: what’s your go-to-look for festivals?