Music Festival Outfits Dilemma: Funky Versus Comfy?!

Warning: this is a selfish post. Also an invitation to splurge, so it ain’t for the faint hearted nor the ones who’ve got a problem with saying ‘No’. So basically this post is for me. And those alike.

As some of you know team FashionTag has been so lucky that we’re heading off to Sziget Music Festival in less than 48 hours, to cover the event and have some fun-and-play kinda week over there (yay), which means we’re feeling fucking fantastic and excited over this and of course I – for one – am basically a headless chicken cause of a lot of things, among which packing the sartorial choices for a music festival is one of them. Fun. But not easy.

The Q that ponders each and every time is: do I pack for classic cool and comfy, or do I pack for funky? When you nail this dilemma you will not only have not overpacked but found heaven.

I always overpack.

Because, like George Costanza, I am a moody dresser.

Anyway, when dressing for music festivals there are keys to keep in mind and I dare say we ca strike a balance between funky and comfy. First of all the latter is a must. So comfy shoes are essential: sneakers, boots, etc.

A jacket is always handy. A backpack or cross body bag is such a necessity so your hands are free. Sunglasses. Hats if they rock your boat. Y’all know I can’t stand hats. Except for baseball hats. But who the hell cares about that.

Jeans, cutoffs, crop tops, oversized tees, mini skirts – make great outfit combos. Maxis or rompers are a great no-fuss option.

So… with all these in mind, and the prayer that my moods will all swing into one direction only, I hope to find and keep this balance this year. Pack light. Pack smart. Stick with comfy, and go for funky details.

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And now if you’ll excuse me I’ll go run my last errands, organise my shit, and then of course bury myself in clothes and hope to pack comfy with a dash of funky.

Peace out my loves. xoxo