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Baby Girl You Need Some Rocknroll: The Motorcycle Boots 2013 Trend!

motorcycle-boots-street-style-1Stuck in the Punk-Rock era, are we? Apparently so. And brace yourselves girls cause we’re just getting started. With the Punk Trend being huge this season, we’re actually bound to see tons of reinvented looks and styles reminiscent of that era, which is fantastic cause who doesn’t want an autumn in cool rocknroll boots that look edgy but are comfy? Or maybe we’re just too sick of channeling our glamour puss personas and are hungry for some effortless looks, Tom-boy’ish styles and living it up without the slightest fashion concern. Besides, Fashion Weeks are basically at our fingertips and those off-duty-models’ looks had better rub off on us, right? Remember the post on Summer Boots I did a while ago, in the midst of that summer-in-the-city-sweat we get every year courtesy of seasons’ changing? OK. So maybe we love them a bit too much. Last fall & winter they were pushing through without the slightest shame, and since waiting for the cold season meant us having to ditch them for 3 months, when we were suppose to stick to bare feet – we chose to keep our motorcycle boots on instead. In dead hot summer. And we rocked them. Now, with Fall almost here… let me just say D’Ohhh! of course we’re still keeping the on. motorcycle-boots-street-style-7motorcycle-boots-street-style-9What we basically have to keep in mind is that for the next 3 months at least we can fiddle with whatever trends we like as long as we give it that Rocknroll Chic vibe. Just a few days ago I was spilling the beans on the Military Trend, which is not at all a far cry for the Motorcycle Boots Style. Well, actually they tend to go hand in hand if you’re into the all-the-way-head-to-toe-extreme-hard-core-Grunge-Look. If not… but you’re a fan of the edgy but feminine style… read on. It’s possible. The great thing about the heavy looking dusted old grunge boots is that they go with almost anything, and the variety of styles they come in makes it impossible to not find you’re favorite and work them in your everyday looks. The classic Motorcycle Boot is the one without laces, ankle high, black, vintage looking, a bit loose around your ankles with or without the studs or buckles.. These ones you can wear with a long or short skirt or dress, usually chiffon, flirty, nipped with a studded belt at the waist, and topped with a short leather jacket. You can adapt the look for those freezing days, with a parka, a coat, tights, or even a slouchy oversized sweater or sweatshirt. It’s the winter version of the summer boot look. motorcycle-boots-street-style-8motorcycle-boots-white-dress-street-stylestreet-style-motorcycle-boots-1street-style-motorcycle-boots- (2)street-style-motorcycle-boots-dress-stylestreet-style-motorcycle-boots-edgy-stylwstreet-style-motorcycle-boots-sexy-dressstreet-style-motorcycle-boots-skirtstreet-style-motorcycle-boots-trendStreetStyle-SS12_A.MuseFor a complete Rocknroll Chic style don them with leather trousers and shirts, band T-shirts or jumpers and the same array of outwear. To keep the Tom-boy/Feminine balance intact you can resort to accessories of all sorts, to polished bags, red lips or nails… If however you feel the Motorcycle Boot look is a bit too heavy for your 9 to 5 schedule, let me just say, we’ve got the polished boots styles waiting for us. Still a version of the motorcycle shoe, the clean version of these is just that. A more tamed version of the original, can even be patent if you like, just below your ankles, not too heavy looking, perfect for leggings, trousers or a more office-appropriate dress. A blazer will dress up this style. And then there are the lace ups (which we’ll talk about more in another post). They’re the punk version of the motorcycle boot and are tighter around the feet, usually looking better with the whole grunge style (skinny jeans, short flirty dresses and leather jackets). Overall the Motorcycle Boots, however you choose to wear them, make us all look effortlessly chic and sophisticated in a very nonchalant-rock-way, if that’s possible. They remind me of the 90’s videos, of teenage dreams, or young careless girls having fun, of those lazy fashion days when nothing looks good and your old boots are your best friends, always making you look as if you’re a rockstar or  an off-duty model… Miranda+Kerr-vstreet-style-motorcycle-boots-boots-lacemotorcycle-boots-2013-trend-street-stylemotorcycle-boots-2013-trend-street-style-1motorcycle-boots-2013-trend-street-style-3motorcycle-boots-street-stylemotorcycle-boots-street-style-6motorcycle-boots-street-style-10street-style-motorcycle-boots-Photographer Namstreet-style-motorcycle-boots-2014-trendstreet-style-motorcycle-boots-all-black-lookstreet-style-motorcycle-boots-arizona-musestreet-style-motorcycle-boots-denim-jacketstreet-style-motorcycle-boots-leather-jacketstreet-style-motorcycle-boots-lookstreet-style-motorcycle-boots-work-outfitstreet-style-motorcycle-boots--winter-lookI know it looks as if we’re all discussing and doing the same things, fashion wise, over and over again, but as long as we look great and feel comfy I see no problem whatsoever. It does all tend to look a bit gloomy this fall with all the black-punk-studs-leather-thing happening, but as I said I think it’s our response to the too polished groomed looks we were doing for too long. We’re the generation that works hard and parties hard, that loves its music festivals, that loves one too many beers every now and then, that needs to let the steam out and act immature, take up no responsibilities, because who really wants to grow up, right? We’ve got our shit together at work, pursing our art-oriented dreams, but when the going gets tough I guess we’d rather have our Motorcycle Boots on than our heels. It’s a phase (trend) so we might as well enjoy it while it lasts.