Is MONOCHROMATIC Dressing Still A Thing?!

The uselessness of the Q above is beyond me (although I sort of posed it)… as I truly and honestly believe, from the bottom of my heartest of hearts that no dressing will ever be as polished, luxurious, rich, sophisticated, minimal, sleek, elegant, and whatever great type of thing you’re aiming for, as monochromatic dressing. It’s the ultimate office dressing, evening wear, cocktail situation, date night, fun night, statement, subtle, simple…

A few years back it was the posh Olivia Palermo who introduced the world to mismatched prints and before we knew it we were all flipping our middle fingers to all fashion rules. Amen to that. But leave it to 2017 and perhaps the year prior, to the Queen of monochromatic dressing to dismiss it all with a hair flip and make the one-colour-from-head-to-toe not just a thing, but a massive trend that is so statement through its simplicity and understated quality it’s really the definition of elegance.

Ladies and gents, if there’s anyone who can do it it’s KIM KARDASHIAN. We’ve had a love-hate relationship, but today… I can proudly say I love this woman. And I don’t care if y’all judge, in fact please do, and let’s talk about it.

Kim Kardashian’s monochromatic moments from when she was first time pregnant proved out to be more than moments, or trends, but in fact a thing that would define her style and become a coveted look for so many women out there looking to dress simple but elegant, in staple pieces and only a few key details. (sunglasses, waist-long-hair, no jewellery).

The lack of things you’re actually wearing is becoming a trend. Dress austere but in luxe, if that makes sense.

Another Monochromatic Queen is blogger and beauty Micah Gianneli. Girl is fire! And she can slay any outfit, and she loves monochromatic dressing. Unlike Kim Kardashian’s take on monochromatic dressing – simple, clean, no accessories – Micah is exactly the opposite. She loves a full face makeup, fab hair, incredible jewellery, bags, chains, belts, you name it the girl can wear it and put a pin in it!


Yet both monochromatic queens love nudes, creams, taupes, greys, whites as a full head to toe outfit. As an exception Micah looks stunning in monochromatic yellow and blue, and Kim sometimes rocks a bold red outfit, or black, in which she looks total badass.

The Monochromatic Trend in 2018: how is it any different than before?

2018 Versace show speaks for itself. It’s such an amazing glimpse of the luxe and glam of the 80s with the best sleekness of our days. Alongside it Stella McCartney, Ellie Saab, Miu Miu and others have a real and fabulous penchant for monochromatic shades of brown, light blues, and vibrant reds. Dolce and Gabbana could not have been any less opulent than we love them to be and chose head to toe animal prints with bling and bold lips, and they are fantastic.

Nevertheless monochromatic dressing in 2018 leans more towards neutral shades, with taupes and creams still going strong. As a novelty vibrant reds, and blues are a massive monochromatic thing. Everything else is kept minimal, and dainty jewellery and easily blended in accessories. Massive coats, or just statement styles are the icing on the cake. #KimMonoStyle

The pieces that make up a great monochromatic look are super quality and tend to be more staple worthy: sweaters, classic pants, turtlenecks, wrap-up coats, shoes of the same colour, faux furs, knit dresses, leather skirts, silky shirts…

Let’s have a look at how the cool people are doing monochromatic dressing and get some inspo.


Get the look:


In case you had any doubts I am loving this trend. How about you?

xoxo D.