Mob Wife Aesthetic: the 2024 trend that’s taking over

Somewhere between the redundant clean girl aesthetic and Griselda the world of Instagram fashion has declared a new trend upon us: the mob wife look. Outfits that look like late 80’s early 90s catwalks, animal print, vintage fur, red lips, bold makeup, loads of jewellery, long nails, french mani, big hair, little skirts, black tights, high heels – everything with a dash of tackiness is IN.


I don’t know about you, but I am here for it. For all of it. From the leopard print, to the maxi big furs and red lips – nothing is too much. I never gave up wearing my fur coats, or my red nails, and it’s only recently that I went back to big bold jewellery and leather – so this trend happening feels like a blessing for me and my 12749 fur coats and big chunky necklaces and earrings.

Tbh with you I think people got a bit tired of overly curated looks, and that clean style that looks fabulous, but is not very easy to pull off by everyone, as it requires a lot of quality pieces, which can be expensive – is too much by being too little. We want it all these days.

I also think some people are very faithful inherently to certain looks. For some girls it’s the boho look, for others it’s old money, for others it’s athleisure… whatever comes easier to us feels more honest. That doesn’t mean we can’t have fun and dab into different styles, but I do believe we might be witnessing a little revolution against curated styles. I pray so.

Are we also over perfectly done faces and styles altogether ?

That would mean we could get out of the house in a bare face… or just a dash of mascara and a red lip. No 12 step skin makeup… How easy would that be, just think about it?

So following the same logic/trend that would also mean we no longer have to overthink outfits and we can wear leather and animal print at the same time, and pair it with a vintage fur coat? Hell yess, and while you’re at it throw in 5 rings, some necklaces, and maybe bold lips or big hair… Is it tacky? It might be, but who cares. Is it too much? Well yeah, but that’s the whole point.

It’s a back to the basics of fashion situation: fave fun with clothes. That’s all there is to it. (ish. I also have a theory. of course I do. rolls eyes)

What would we look like if we threw out all the fashion rules and just enjoyed the clothes?

Well… some of us would look like lunatics lol, while others would look like a million bucks mob wife. So yeah… the truth lies somewhere in between.

What are the key pieces to the mob wife aesthetic?
  • big hair
  • bold jewellery
  • vintage fur
  • long nails
  • leather
  • animal print
  • sheer black tights
  • mini skirts
  • fitted fits

All of these at once or just pick a couple in one outfit.

Of course in 2024 we don’t have to walk around like we’re all the Nanny (that would be fine though), or some supermodel on the catwalks form early 90s, or a tacky but fun, flirtations and fashionable confident rich woman (that would too be okay) – we can adapt this trend to our personal style, and be a mod wife in sneakers, or a toned down hairstyle, or no makeup, or nude nails…

It’s all about the vibe.

The reason why I love this trend so much, aside from it being my alter ego since I was a born lol, is because of what it stands for: after years of laid back looks, and clean aesthetics, and overly done faces and styles – fashion is finally saying to us: go have fun, and forget about the rules. Be a fearless maximalist. It’s okay.

Street style inspo:


xoxo Dana