Mismatched Earrings: 2016 Fall Trend Alert!

You know the bullshit that goes by the saying ‘it’s so wrong it feels right’, or ‘two wrongs make one right’ that we often guide our lives or some moments after, yet we couldn’t be further from the truth? Well… as of fall 2016 Madame Le Fashion comes to save the day, and tells us there is actually a bit of truth behind the beautiful wrongs that feel so right, but only when it comes to our sartorial lives mind you.

So, leave the life-wrongs where they are – in the fucking garbage bin, and chose to surround yourself with only the fab rights, and sprinkle only fashion wrongs all over, if you love a bit of nonsense here and there.

The MISMATCHED EARRINGS trend is one helluva look that designers like Balenciaga and Dior had in their 2016 SS collections, but an accessory trend that will linger, and I predict we’ll milk a lot throughout 2016 autumn and even 2017 winter.

2016-2017-trend-mismatched-earrings fall-2016-trend-mismatched-earrings-4

I feel like it’s been a while since we’ve had earrings run the show, so this 2016 fall trend is pretty welcoming and very easy to pull off. It also holds a bit of high fashion or runway quality to it, just cause it’s different and a bit awkward for those watchers who’ve got nothing to do with fashion. It’s slightly an off-look, but there’s something intriguing and cool about it.

It’s really beautiful and I’ve experienced the reactions on myself this past weekend when I attended a wedding and chose to wear a simple red dress with a pair of mismatched earrings just to spice things up a bit, but not be really in your face.

My little nice asked ‘Look, you’ve got different earrings! Why?’ Good Q I thought. ‘Well, cause that’s their design’, I so un-orriginally replied. Then it was my dad who noticed the massive accessory-incoherence but took it rather well: ‘Hm, so you’ve got different earrings.’ and then he smiled.

I took it as a compliment of course.

The mismatched earrings trend for 2016 fall is literally the easiest look to pull off, and the tiniest to cause quite a nice fashion commotion. It can be done subtly with 2 earrings that hold very small differences, or big time, with earrings so different but sort of siblings. Or you can of course wear just one earring – this is great for those uber long styles.

earrings-mismatched-trend fall-2016-trend-mismatched-earrings-3

How to wear mismatched earrings, and where to wear them? The more the earrings are subtle, the more you can wear them anywhere – office hours included. The bigger, bolder, and more statement they are the more you can have fun wearing them for events, parties, going out, or when you’re literally so over clothes and outfits you just wanna resort to simple accessory gimmicks.

fall-2016-trend-mismatched-earrings-5 fall-2016-trend-mismatched-earrings-6

Why this trend will stick? Because truth is we’ve always been fascinated with the wrongs and the misfitted situations in life in general, but some of us have grown over the years and learned that if it sticks it’s wrong, and there’s no fucking right it it, no matter how great and alluring the idea of it all is, right? I mean there’s only so much heartache and bullshit you can suck up, and besides it all turns sour after you’re not 25 anymore to just repeat the wrongs you know. BUT… there will always be a little mischievous idiot in all of us who refuses to grow up literally speaking – so thank God for fashion and style, and the power it has to make us express ourselves beyond words.

This might be too deep of a bullshit for a rainy Monday morning but I had a lucid moment here and a somewhat sartorial-slash-life epiphany so… yeah take it like a shot of whiskey or with a grain of salt, but this mismatched earrings trend might be the only wrong out here that actually feels and looks right.

Okay, there might be a few others that look amazing. Hello sequins during the day, sneakers for office, and disgusting food.


fall-2016-trend-mismatched-earrings-7 fall-2016-trend-mismatched-earrings-8 fall-2016-trend-mismatched-earrings-2 fall-2016-trend-mismatched-earrings-11 fall-2016-trend-mismatched-earrings-9 fall-2016-trend-mismatched-earrings-10 fall-2016-trend-mismatched-earrings-13 fall-2016-trend-mismatched-earrings-12 500937169FB00052_Valentino_ fall-2016-trend-mismatched-earrings-15 fall-2016-trend-mismatched-earrings-16 fall-2016-trend-mismatched-earrings-17 fall-2016-trend-mismatched-earrings-19 fall-2016-trend-mismatched-earrings-18 mismatched-earrings-trend-1

Have a great Monday my little ones. Feels god to be back!