THE LOOK: Mirrored Sunglasses & Bright Lips

sunglasses-summer-2014This is the shit.

For 2014 summer, whether you’re heading off to some important meeting, having a fun day out in the sun, going to an event or the beach (okay, sans le red lips in this case) this look says it all: confident, chic, sartorial connoisseur not taking herself too seriously and just having fun.

Nothing says 2014 cool summer like a pair of mirrored sunglasses, which are IN for quit some time, but never before have they made such a huge statement. So what is it about them that has women, of all ages and styles smitten with the wild rebel funky beach girl look, these glasses exude? how-to-wear-mirrored-sun-glThey’re shiny. Colorful. And their lenses are practically mirrors. And they go with anything, even if they don’t, giving a certain youthfulness and coolness to a look. A bit of rave/funky/90’s disco-dancing queen meets cheeky teens in Spring break. And the same pair of shades can look smashing hot on a professional stylish woman.

Any shape looks fabulous: aviators, wayfarers,  round, cat-eyed, all of them. In any color: blue, green, red, pink, brown, yellow, grey. When you wear them on a daily basis they’re your tiny fashion razzmatazz. If you wear them in summer, at the beach, wow! it’s all an explosion of senses: the bright shades, the colorful mismatches of the sunnies with your swim suit, the mirrors’ glance against your shiny sun kissed skin. beach-look-mirror-glassesmirrored-sunglasses-look (3)OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAbeach-trend-mirrored-sunglasses-lookNow… picture that daytime mirrored sunglasses look with RED LIPS. Oh.My. God. (in Janice accent.) This is my favorite look right now, and the best thing about it is that it goes for anytime, with anything and it’s got a bit of both of my fave worlds: fashion AND beauty. A white summer dress, or a chiffon floaty shirt with cutoffs styled with a pair of mirrored sunnies and red lips is beyond amazing. It’s stylish, slightly galm, but the right shoes can dress it up or down. Who’s to blame for this look, that I now proclaim the ultimate look of 2014 summer?

Khloe Kardashian. (yeah, yeah, yeah, roll your eyes all you want.) I’ve seen her in her show I think, wearing this exact look, after seeing a few other street style gals rocking it, and she just put the exclamation point into it. 587cadaa9a8dc97893ebd428f4eed3ebkhloe-kardashian-mirrored-shades-and-red-lipsknlow-kardashian-mirrored-sunglasses-and-red-lipsLook inspiration: beach-style-mirrored-sunglasses-lookmirrored-sunglasses-and-red-lips-lookOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAmirrored-sunglasses-look (4)mirrored-sunglasses-look (5)mirrored-sunglasses-look (6)mirrored-sunglasses-look (8)mirrored-sunglasses-look (9)mirrored-sunglasses-look (10)mirrored-sunglasses-look (11)mirrored-sunglasses-look (12)mirrored-sunglasses-look (13)mirrored-sunglasses-look (14)mirrored-sunglasses-lookmirrored-sunglasses-look-mirrored-sunglasses-look-streetstylemirrored-sunglasses-look-street-stylemirrored-sunglasses-look-summermirrored-sunglasses-look-summer-2-14mirrored-sunglasses-look-summer-2014mirrored-sunglasses-look-trendmirrored-sunglasses-red-lips-looksunglasses-trend-2014mirrored-sunglasses-streetstylemirrored-sunglasses-street-stylemirrored-sunglasses-stylemirror-lense-sunglassesnyfw-street-style-glasses-251red-lips-and-mirrored-sunglasses-look (2)OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAred-mirrored-sunglassesround-mirrored-sunglasses-lookstreetstylestreetstyle-mirrored-sunglasses-look (2)street-style-mirrored-sunglasses-lookstreetstyle-mirrored-sunglasses-looksummer-mirrored-sunglasses-looksummer-style-mirrored-sunglasses-looksummer-trend-mirrored-sunglasses-looksunglasses-trensummer-trend-mirrored-sunglasses-look (2)I swear sometimes I get obsessed about the tiniest things, but it comes to show you how a great look lies in a simple combo and a great attitude. Plus loads of fun. ;)