metallics-summer-2014-trendBefore you start flipping your mane back and forth on some Black Sabbath resembling tune, stop. If you came here for the music, you’d better leave before fashion hits you in the head. If however you’re a savvy sartorial, well then… you probably got it all figured out already and you know the TREND in this post is more rocknroll than heavy metal itself. Aaaa NOOO! I did not just say that.

Yes I did.

We’re talking Metallic Trend for 2014 Spring & Summer and we’re loving it. For this season designers sent models down the runway looking like 70s disco dolls slash robots, draped in metallic fabrics from liquid textures to stiff structured thick ones, from dresses, to tops, skirts, jumpsuits, jackets and all you can think of. It all looks like a massive party happening underneath a disco ball, it’s a feeling of constant celebration, holiday with a touch of grungyness and rock vibe to it, in a very feminine super sexy way. And unlike the past it is a heavier look, sort of like the more the better. altuzarra-rtw-ss2014-metallicsmetallic-skirtmetallics-Lanvin-ss-2014But let’t not pretend this is a WOW thing, cause as much as it has that factor to it, it’s not. It’s not new. It’s not unseen, au contraire it’s been there done that last year as well. Right? And in the 70s. Feels like not too long ago I was ranting about metallics/holographic looks going from evening to day on the streets, to the office, on an everyday basis. So what the hell is so new, or reinvented about the metallics this season?

Why is it massive all of a sudden? Did we just have a fashion blackout?

Or maybe we’re just loving it too much to let it go? Or, what if we didn’t milk this trend to its core?

Presuming all the above are true and not for one second arguing the fabulousness of it let’s divide and conquer.

Metallic skirts look ridiculously fabulous paired with basic tops, striped tees and a simple blazermetallic-mini-skirt-street-stylemetallic-maxi-skirt-street-stylenicola-finetti-spring-summer-2014-metallicsstreetstyle-metallicsstreet-style-metallic-skirt (2)street-style-metallic-skirtVanessa-Traina-metallic-skirtsummer-trend-metallicsmetallic-skirt (2)Metallic jackets can be the statement piece of any plain look and save the day. metallic-coat-streetstylemetallics-summer-2014-trendstreet-style-metallic-jacketMetallic trousers, now these are perfect for a night out, for a fun casual but kinda glamorous evening when you wanna look effortlessly super hot. metallic-jeans-street-stylemetallic-pants-stylemetallic-trousersstreet-style-metallic-pantsMetallic Shirts are by far my favorites, in that liquid fabric with a half tuck, they’d even be office appropriate. metallic-shirt-streetstylemetallic-shirt-stylemetallic-sweater-lookAnd last, but not least the metallic dresses are the OMGs! and WOWs! of all these looks. Nothing beats the glamour and lusciousness, sleek, incredibly sexy look of a long liquid dress, a knee length fitted one or a mini style one. To avoid looking too made up, keep your hair and accessories simple and have that Kate Moss rocknroll attitude going on, as if you’re just wearing your jeans and some stilettos. metallic-dress-lookmetallic-dress-stylemetallic-maxi-dressmetallics-trend-2014-springtom-ford-spring-2014-metallic-dressOr… if this robotic style is too much for you, give the metallics a go with accessories: shoes (to die for), bags, clutches, patterns and inserts, belts, nails, lips, sunglasses, and whatnot. metallic-accessoriesmetallic-clutchmetallic-shoesmetallic-shoes-heelsmetallic-shoes-stylenicola-finetti-spring-summer-2014-metallics (2)I admit, as much as I adore this trend, I have yet to try it. I did buy a pair of metallic trousers last year from H&M, and they still have the price tag on. I might just rip that shit tonight and wear them out. :)

So what do you think of this trend?

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