Hair-O-Scope: Tell Me Your Sign, I’ll Tell you Your Hair…

My little twinkle stars… when it comes to hair, and its many many styles and trends – it’s all written in the skies. Each hair has its own destiny, and though it may take billions of shapes, and sizes, and colours throughout its life, it will always feel and look best when it fulfils its destiny. Which lies in the stars.

No. I did not just hit my head, nor am I drunk. Nor crazy. Well… that’s up for discussion. It’s summer, which means LEO season, which means my bday today of all days, which means I’m more prone to all these signs and stars and skies and fate things.

hair-o-scope-LEO-hairstyles-7 hair-o-scope-LEO-hairstyles-2 hair-o-scope-LEO-hairstyles-14 messy-hairstyles-9

To the un-savvy sartorial who only occasionally reads in the stars, the horoscope is just a big mess for amateurs with a penchant for daily drama. To the ones who are not yet familiar with astrology, “Zodiac Fire” on Youtube can be an excellent way to get started. If you do not yet know which is your star sign, you can have a look at your birth dates and know what your zodiac sign is, what is your relationships with others, and what your love and career would be like. One can as well book an appointment with professional readers online via “Astroyogi” to grab the best and most accurate answers to their questions.

Ha! Whatever. For the rest of us it’s one big crystal ball that no longer only tells us about our true love, our destiny, our future, what we ate today, what our crush is thinking the next moment, when our phone’s gonna ring, when we’ll turn into Beyonce (yeah, I know, I gotta cut this shit with Beyonce while it’s still funny).

Now the horoscope tells us our HAIR. Can I get an Amen! Listen up ladies, according to Madison-Reed there’s a new way for us to find out what hairstyle will look best on our brilliant heads and fabulous faces: the HAIR-O-SCOPE.

You just apply to your hair – products and style wise – whatever’s written in the stars for your sign. It don’t get no better than this.

In case you want to find what hair colour is best for you, check out Madison Reed‘s hair dye advisor page.



I hate to go all Leo on you right now, and make this about us, but it is summer still, and apparently the trademark hair for Leos just happens to be quite a summer trend: messy, tousled, big, beach waves. I know, I know… you can go on and hate us for being so on point. I know I do.

Anyway, so joke aside… it’s really quite Leo of us summer-borns to actually have wild, tousled and incredibly sexy manes, much like our animal spirit does.

Whether it’s curly, wavy, long, short, with bangs, or not, dark, light, red, brown, chocolate, fiery, rainbow – a Leo’s hair will always be their shtick. Well… most Leos. Mine, for example takes tons of work, and hair product to turn into a shtick-mane. Otherwise it’s just a straight, blunt, lifeless thing just sitting there sans personalty on my head.

But I tame it, and I sing to it to come alive, and I flip it, and I flop it until it looks like one big beautiful mess that took apparently no time, when in fact it took more than hours. But that’ll be our little secret.

At the end of the day… to hell with all them rules and hairstyle trends and this and that, work your mane ladies, and do your thing according to your moods and who you are. THAT is the hair-o-scope actually – staying true to who you are, and why not experimenting with your locks as much as you want.

In case you just wanna have a go at some wild hairstyles – Leo inspired – or, are in the need of inspo, scroll down and let the wild manes NEVER tame your spirit.


hair-o-scope-LEO-hairstyles-3 hair-o-scope-LEO-hairstyles-4 hair-o-scope-LEO-hairstyles-5 hair-o-scope-LEO-hairstyles-6 hair-o-scope-LEO-hairstyles-8 hair-o-scope-LEO-hairstyles-9 hair-o-scope-LEO-hairstyles-10 hair-o-scope-LEO-hairstyles-11 hair-o-scope-LEO-hairstyles-12 hair-o-scope-LEO-hairstyles-13 messy-hairstyles-1 messy-hairstyles-2 messy-hairstyles-3 messy-hairstyles-4 messy-hairstyles-5 messy-hairstyles-6 messy-hairstyles-7 messy-hairstyles-8

This may all seem like one big bullshit, but I will tell you this, signs or no signs, you can tell a lot about a person through their hair, AND usually the beauties that dance in the same star constellations have a few things in common – hair wise. Just saying you know.

Of course, I could be wrong but I’ll just indulge in me being right, while I spray more glitter in my hair, make it wilder and bigger. It is my bday after all!