mesh-skirtWhat fashion is experiencing for quite some time now is a very mellow mood. Everything is more laid back, taken less seriously. Four out of 5 trends are a SPORTY style deviation, and what’s shocking is not even their over-night-growth, but how we’ve just suddenly decided to say ‘to hell with stuck up office wear’ and don relaxed outfits to work. Years ago, wearing sneakers to work was a major faux pas. Much like baseball caps, or plain tees. Today, if you channel your inner fashionista and dress these up a little bit (and by this I mean a slight style effort to not look like you’re off to the gym), you’re most likely to end up on best dressed lists. Of friends, colleagues or just your own, but you get the idea. mesh-trendIn all this sporty luxe, laid back casual borderline sport attire – MESH – which once was a total bleah, is making a massive entrance. It already did actually at Fashion Week SS2014 when all designers gave us shows packed with athletic inspired clothes, mesh reigning over them.

So what is MESH exactly? It’s that once-horrendous material made of a network of wire, once associated with the 80s, strippers and the ultimate kistch. Well… my friends, today, MESH could not be further from this once-horrible trend. In 2014 Summer mesh is sporty luxe, it’s relaxed, it’s grungy, it’s glam, it’s cool, it’s urban, it’s anything you want it to be. mesh-looksSee-through mesh tops or dresses for the more daring ones, can be sported with retro lingerie, as a way to spice up your look, yet not go too naked out there. Besides the sheer tops trend is huge, so while you’re at it nail both looks: cool bra or bustier from underneath a sheer MESH top. how-to-wear-meshsummer-trend-Mesh (2)Mesh skirts are amazing! And I’m not saying it cause I just found a vintage mesh dress that is this week’s DIY project to turn into a pencil mesh skirt and wear with black tight shorts underneath (don’t know where… but… that’s not an issue now), but because they look so trendy in a very edgy kinda way. runway-look-meshsummer-trend-Mesh (8)If showing too much is something you’re not comfortable with – do not despair. Mesh comes in jackets, in sleeves, in just stripes of fabric here and there on a pair of trousers, a dress, skirt or top, just enough to tease the eyes and create the cool trend in an instant. mesh=topssporty-glam-look-meshBest mesh looks come in white and black and look great paired with massive accessories. For a total sporty style (not-gym though) wear mesh anything with sneakers and shorts, OR for an edgy sporty luxe, or even athletic sophistication pair a mesh skirt with hot heels par example. Details like bold lips and nails also add chicness and femininity to this trend. mesh-trend (2)mesh-top-summer-looksummer-trend-Mesh (7)Let’s have a look at some street style pics…  mesh-dress-streetstylemesh-Looks-summerProcessed with VSCOcam with t1 presetmesh-style-summerMicah Gianneli_Best top personal style fashion blog_Rihanna stylmesh-Trend-summer-2014 (3)mesh-Trend-summer-2014 (4)mesh-Trend-summer-2014rihanna-mesh-lookmesh-lookstreet-style-mesh (2)street-style-mesh (3)street-style-mesh (4)street-style-mesh (5)street-style-mesh (6)street-style-meshsummer-style-meshsummer-trend-Mesh (3)summer-trend-Mesh (4)summer-trend-Mesh (5)summer-trend-Mesh (9)summer-trend-Mesh (10)summer-trend-Mesh (11)summer-trend-Mesh (12)So… what do you think ladies: YES or NO?

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  1. magazinecafenyc says:

    Hey, It already did actually at Fashion Week SS2014 for more fashion and trends u can browse online fashion magazine store of New York

  2. Miss M says:

    I am such a fan of your blog and always look forward to your posts. I just love everything about Fashion Tag so thank you for sharing it with the world (and me!).

    I also wanted to let you know that I nominated for the “One Lovely Blog Award”:

    Miss M

  3. Mammu says:

    *Regretting I threw out those two old mesh tops that were standing in my closet for years* But I still have on new one I don’t mind wearing :)

    • Fashion Tag (Dana Cristina) says:

      Do it! ;) omg, it just hit me i had a few myself and threw away! goes to show us to never ever throw away a few things that might one day make a comeback. Thanks Mammu xox

  4. histiletto says:

    I love the cool look that the illusion of a strapless, deep sweetheart neckline top gives using a somewhat fine lacey mesh to fill the void of a 3/4 sleeved blouse or body suit.


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