Sick Of Skinny Jeans? Try Men’s Leggings

Let’s be honest, skinny jeans are just not hot anymore, or rather they can get a little too hot on the legs and thighs. 

In fact, if we’re talking about jeans here, we’re now in a time where baggy and straight cut jeans are getting a comeback. But there will always be those who do want to wear something a bit more hugging and comfy, or perhaps, you just might want to show off your sculpted legs and thighs from all that hard work at the gym. It’s high time that we recognize that men wearing leggings shouldn’t just be guys hulking it out at the gym, because leggings offer a lot more than just pure aesthetics and bragging rights.

We know, men in leggings outside the gym, might feel a little unusual but trust us they are made not to make you look like your just those guys in tights. They are made to make you look cool and at the same time give you more than just a confidence and fashion boost. 

If you’re interested to learn about a more comfortable alternative to your skinny jeans or are about ready to let go of your early 2010 rocker emo phase era jeans, well then keep on reading!

The Men’s Leggings Craze


Throughout the years, sports tights in men’s wardrobe has been a must-have but over time they have evolved to more than just plain old black leggings. Today, men’s leggings with pockets are also taking over the sports and fashion market with more versatile options so you can wear them from the gym to casual errands and even to your favorites festivals and parties!

This is a great choice for guys whose day consists of activities from sitting down on your desk to being out and about going across town. 

Men’s athletic tights and other sports tights men wear with their shorts are a common sighting. After all, men’s athletic tights are designed for compression and even recovery from a workout or training in sports.

This fashion craze isn’t at all new, men’s leggings date back to the early days of gymnastics wherein it was normal to see guys in tights and leotards. And a few years back, men wearing leggings have become even more popular as a casual streetwear outfit

With the support and comfort that men’s leggings offer, it’s impossible not to see them evolve from mere compression pants to stylish casual wear. In fact, you can see this evolution in the material used to make them. Before, tights were thinner and stretchy, and used for the purpose of not having any clothing dangling out that can cause accidents in gymnastic routines. But modern-day leggings are thicker and stretchier, made with the same purpose in mind but with more aesthetic appeal in its design and production. It’s actually even made better with men’s leggings with pockets that provides more utility for men on-the-go. 

Men’s leggings are made not just for aesthetics with all the crazy designs and patterns available but as well as giving your legs and thighs some extra support and as you go on with your day. The tightness of leggings can help with blood circulation and give your legs support from the elements and fatigue.

Skinny Jeans vs Men in Leggings


In terms of form, skinny jeans are form-fitting, narrow on the legs, and taper down at the ankle. 

Men’s leggings are essentially the same with the exception of further hugging your thighs and booty. So what’s the HUGE difference?

Material, and overall aesthetic are what set the two apart. 

Skinny jeans, as the name suggests are made out of denim which can get hot, especially if they are really tight on your thighs and legs or worn during the summer, the material used to make skinny jeans is usually a blend of denim and some polyester for a bit of stretch to help the jeans look like they were slapped onto you.

Men’s leggings, on the other hand, are made of cotton and polyester, a much cooler choice of fabric especially since it does cling to your legs and thighs a lot more compared to skinny jeans.

But wait there’s more, a whole lot more. 

Men’s leggings are made with aesthetics and purpose in mind. Leggings are made to conform to your leg and thighs in order to give support especially if you’re out and about for a long period of time doing different activities. Unlike skinny jeans that are made of denim, this can get a bit irritating and can cause some chafing in the thigh area. 

Think of it this way, if men’s leggings are comfortable enough to be used and worn in the gym and can allow you to move your legs freely without the fear of ripping anything, why can’t you use them every day?

And at the same time, they make you look cool! There are a plethora of designs for men’s leggings from basic solid colors, to loud prints, and metallic fabrics. Unlike the skinny jeans, the most you can get is with the color and type of denim wash from light to dark, and their form if their high waist, lowrise, tattered, etc. 

Men’s leggings on the other hand, can turn your legs into a black canvas that you can use to express yourself with different designs of leggings available. 

The Pros and Cons

And with that, let’s look into some more practical pros and cons of both skinny jeans and men’s leggings. 

Aftercare and Comfort

Skinny Jeans

Pro – No need to wash them often.

Con – Can get hot to wear especially in the summer

Men’s Leggings

Pro – Are usually made of cotton which is airier than denim

Con – You will have to launder them more often as compared to skinny jeans


Skinny Jeans

Pro – Can wear shorter tops with it

Con – Not flattering for all body types

Men’s Leggings

Pro – Can be the focal piece of your outfit

Con – Might need a longer top to cover your junk


Skinny Jeans

Pro – Jeans in general are timeless pieces

Con – Skinny jeans however go with certain trends and right now aren’t so much in trend

Men’s Leggings

Pro – Comes in different designs, colors, materials that can please the basic wearer up to the more adventurous wearers

Con – It can take a while to get used to


But really, in terms of wearability, it’s up to you what suits your style best. If you’re already hooked on Men’s leggings from this point on check out how to wear meggings!