Haven’t you heard about kilts before? If not, then you might think it’s a type of Skirt. But let me clarify your confusion. Men’s Kilt can look like a skirt, but that’s not real. The Kilt is a cultural and regional dress code worn by the people of Ireland and Scotland as a symbol of patriotism. It indicates the specific culture, but the Skirt doesn’t denote something like this. The Kilt for sale has old Scottish and Irish history, and in the modern world, Scottish people all over the world still wear it casually and formally.

The Skirt

Let’s explore what Skirt is to clarify the concept for Kilt. Historically, the Skirt was found in the stone age, and you will be surprised to know that men first wore the Skirt. Stone age people used to wrap the furry skin of haunted animals on their waist to cover and protect the body. Later on, this wrapping turned into a trend, and women adapted this fashion with different variations.

The Skirt does not represent the specific culture, but it is the apparel that is worn in most parts of the east and west. It doesn’t follow any standard qualities, but you can make it in the fabric of your choice, the size as short as you want, or you want it to wear long. However, the mini and long skirts depend upon the trend. You can wear it formally or casually. Also, there are no limitations or boundaries for its accessories. You are open to choosing various things to wear, whether it’s a shirt, shoes or socks.

What makes a kilt different from a Skirt?

If you are not aware of the Scottish culture, you may assume a kilt as a skirt, but when you envy a little, you will observe that all the dresses have made up of specific fabric, color, and size. All over the world, designers follow the same pattern for Kilt as the Irish invented. Moreover, the dress code “kilt” has a profound concept. Only the Irish or Scottish can feel the emotion connected to the Kilt.

Usually, tartan patterns use to make kilts. The tartan story is that Scottish of the early ages follows each family’s specific tartan pattern. So, every family member wears the same way and design as his forefathers chosen for the clan. The reason for wearing a Kilt is to represent the Scottish culture.

Nowadays, you will find a variety of kilts in different patterns and colors, but the actual invention of Kilt from Gaelic culture, Kilt was designed as a knee-length dissected skirt having back pleats. The Scottish used to wear the kilts at religious and cultural festivals like St. Patrick’s day. Irish wear green Kilt on St. Patrick’s day. The woolen material uses to make kilts. However, you may find all these qualities in skirts, but the Skirt is still not a kilt.

Men and women both can wear the Kilt. But the significant thing about the Kilt is that it does not exceed the knee length or cannot be short. Although, the skirts can be quick and extended as per your choice. On the flip side, kilts can be worn as everyday outfits office outfits because the cargo pockets help to keep tools and essentials in them while working. You can wear a kilt for formal and informal events, too.

Myths and Facts about kilts and Scottish culture

The biggest myth is that the Kilt has been a part of Scottish culture since the beginning that is not true. The Kilt was introduced in the early 18th century, and the Gaelic speaker called it a little wrap and a big wrap. The decided color was green but not mandatory. You can wear green Kilt on national occasions and other colors in everyday life.

It is the most hearing rumor that Scottish man doesn’t wear any garment underneath the Kilt that is wrong. Even it’s impossible not to wear garments underneath the Kilt in the cold winter season. Although it’s been a joke among Scottish and Irish ladies, don’t get offended if you hear giggles or gossip.

The fact is that women can’t wear kilts, and I would say that you can wear what you want without gender discrimination. Also, there are no restrictions in Scotland or Ireland for women. Even they encourage everyone to wear the costume of pride, the Kilt. It is one of the reasons why the Scottish can’t distinguish between the male and female washroom.

Wearing Kilt in the contemporary world

Though the invention of the Kilt was the pride for most of the Scottish, some showed the refusal to accept the Kilt as a national dress, so the Kilt was not as prominent as it is in the contemporary world. In the late 20th century, Scotland gained a high level of confidence in cultural aspects, and the Young generation started promoting the utility kilt as their daily wardrobe outfit. Not only the Scottish but Americans and Canadians are getting the fans of wearing Utility Kilts because of their utility and elegancy. You can wear the Kilt while climbing mountains and on adventurous trips because it will not interrupt your running legs compared to the pajamas and pants.

If you are going to the office and your work is to travel here and there, the Kilt will be your life-saving apparel to keep your essentials with you without having a bag. Yes, it has two big Cargo pockets and one small utility pocket to maintain cell phones and keys. Moreover, the famous fashion designers start adding the Kilt to their collection and making more variations in it to appeal to the people who belong to the different cultures to create awareness among the people about Scotland culture.

Final Word

There’s a vast difference between the national and the typical dress. No matter how much resemblance it has in appearance, the value and pride cannot be the same for everyday outfits. For Scottish, wearing a Kilt is not only a feeling of satisfaction but an indication of nationalism, the devotions towards their country, the heart-to-heart connection with their culture, and many more.




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