Men’s Haircuts. Top 10 Coolest Men’s Hairstyles That Women Love


The world of men’s hairstyles is booming with new possibilities. Creative barbers, hipsters, and fashion-forward men are pushing the industry to create and experiment with new, cool hairstyles. But with more amazing men’s haircuts to choose from than ever before, it can be difficult to keep up with all the change.

As retro styles surge back to popularity and modern twists develop on existing cuts and styles, we think the coming years will continue to be a great time for men’s hairstyles. In fact, many guys seem to have embraced these new trends and are willing to push the boundaries. But the simple question remains – which hairstyles are trending this year?

Based on the top hairstyles of the past few years as well as a peek into the future of men’s fashion, the experts at MensHairstylesNow have developed an awesome guide on the Coolest Hairstyles For Men 2017. The graphic goes into detail to describe each hairstyle, what you need to get the cut, and how to style it at home. Perhaps the most helpful part of the guide is the fact that it comes complete with multiple illustrations of the different variations of each.

So, if you aren’t familiar with the fade, undercut, pompadour, quiff, fringe, faux hawk or other hair terminology, this resource is for you! Check out (and maybe bookmark) the infographic below and try one of these cool haircuts on your next visit to the barber!