Men’s Beach Trends: What To Wear This Summer?

Most of us are busy getting ready for our summer break, buying new clothes and making sure we are ready for the beach. That applies to men as well as women, so I thought a quick roundup of men’s beach trends is exactly what we need right now. 

mens beach trends

Men’s beach trends: swimwear 

Let´s start with swimwear. No man is going to hit the beach without a pair of swim shorts or trunks. They are essential if he wants to look good and to be able to enjoy a dip.

This year, capsule and cargo style swim shorts are very much on trend. They look good, and can just as easily be worn in the evening, if it is warm enough.

Plain shorts seem to be the norm for 2017. However, a few retailers are offering bright colours like pink or red. In some shops, you will also find stripped, check, and camouflage patterns.

mens beach trends mens beach trends mens beach trends

Men’s t-shirt trends

Most men like to go bare-chested while on the beach, but also see the wisdom of taking a t-shirt with them to cover up if they need to. For 2017, most retailers are offering graphic tees, but there are plain ones available too.

Quite a lot of the logos styles that were popular in the 80s feature heavily in many shops’ collections. Some retailers are starting to stock layer style t-shirts too, but most of these are not really suitable for the beach.

Men’s beach trends: sandals

Many men like to wear flip flops for the beach. They are inexpensive, light and come in a huge range of colours, which makes them an especially good option for holidaymaker.

The only problem is that they are not suitable if you have a long walk to the beach or want to play football or volleyball rather than just swim and sunbathe. For men who want to do that a set of sandals is a more practical option. They stay on your feet and offer the freedom of movement you need, which stops your feet from being burnt by hot sand. Sports sandals are a particularly good option. They have Velcro straps that allow you to adjust them to get the fit just right. Slider sandals can also be a good option. Provided you get the fit right they will stay on the foot, even if you are planning to play beach games.

2017 men’s sunglasses trends

Sunglasses provide protection for the sun as well as helping you to look your best, so most men view them as a beach essential. For 2017, the main trend is for metal sunglasses, but they come in a big range of shapes including circular and oblong lenses. If you prefer plastic frames they are available, but your choice of lenses shape is a bit more limited than it would be if you opted to wear metal frames. A few retailers are also stocking oversize aviator glasses.

When choosing which sunglasses you are going to wear it is important to take into consideration the shape of your face. This in-depth guide explains which frame shape will work best for you.