Men’s Autumn Looks: 3 Must-Have Jackets

What better way to kick off the week than with some man candy? Oh, I mean man fashion. It’s a win-win situation for both lots actually regardless of their fashion penchant. Besides, it’s been a while since we dipped into our fave men’s looks and what we want our lads to dress like. Also, on Friday I ran into an old friend and after being in awe with him reading le blog, I was also taken aback when he said: ‘what about what WE should wear? Not much there lately on your site.’ Point taken, but leave it to me to change that.

So upon my men research over the weekend on men’s autumn looks in 2015, two things caught my attention: 1. The facial hair trend aka the beard is pretty much passe, as a lot of men out there are giving us bare faces, or at most a stubble, with a greater care for le hair on their head instead. Perhaps it’s a going back to the retro more 50s styles of Mad Men and sleek gangsters.

And 2, When it comes to men’s autumn looks and trends – 3 jackets remain staples for any man regardless of style, age, or profession. How you boys wear them, and style them – now that’s where the plot thickens.

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Let’s get down to business and have a look at what men jackets are IN for 2015 Autumn, how to wear them, and where to buy them from.

THE MAN BLAZER. One of the perks of autumn is the play with layers and the centre stage a blazer takes in a man’s look. It’s the easiest and most classic style for men for years and years and will remain so. It’s also perfect for crispy mornings, but not too thick in  case by noon it’s summer all over again.


What blazers to wear?

  • thick autumn fabrics
  • one colour (black, brown, or bold greens or blue for example)
  • print blazers (stripes, checkered) which usually look great in browns and greys.
  • classic double breasted blazers with dark buttons
  • classic cut blazers with a long neckline and one button
  • the back double slit
  • pockets

My fave Men Blazers picks for you to buy, in case you’re on the lookout. Click on image to shop.


How to wear the blazer?

  • Either the classic way over a shirt, or you can play with layers and wear it as a jacket over a tee + shirt + cardigan.
  • You can also do the double blazer and wear a thick one as a jacket and underneath it a thin spring blazer, like a statement piece.
  • The blazer per se is a very classy professional look, so it’s a fantastic piece to pull together a suit style, or suit-pants with a shirt, or jeans and a tee + shirt, or a cardigan underneath.
  • Shoes wise: ankle boots are to die for. They’re sleek and so so sexy. Cuff your jeans and show them off.
  • Oxford shoes, or brogues look great as well – very British, polished and put together, but also quite trendy.
  • Sneakers are a more edgy, youngish, casual twist to it, but if you love it, work it.
  • For those cold cold mornings you can rock a pair of leather gloves and a thick scarf. Perfection.

SHOP the BLAZER LOOK below with my favourite autumn picks for you.


THE MAN TRENCH-COAT. Classic. Hot. Uber professional even when laid back. British refined. Retro. Although… don’t let any of the above fool you. A trench coat can be worn with anything, for any occasion, any style, any look. It’s all a matter of finding the right cut, and design for your body type.


How to get the right trench coat? 

  • If you’re tall and handsome, with a banging body any style looks amazing. Drooling over. Moving on. Tall men look best with long trench-coats. Those classic trenches 50’s gangsters and models in ads wear.
  • If you’re shorter go for above the knee trench coats, as they tend to elongate you.
  • Always pick the classic styles: think Burberry cut. Double breasted, belt, in either brown or black.
  • If you’re more adventurous do the statement pieces and have fun with it.
  • Complete the look with a cool bag, a pair of glasses, a hat. Do your own thing.

Below are my fave men’s trench coats and fall pieces to complete the look.


THE LEATHER OR DENIM JACKET. This is the most versatile and the coolest look on a man. BUT how can you wear it and not look like them rest of the billon men in leather jackets and denims?

First of all, when wearing a leather jacket, got for quality, pick edgy classic styles, that fit into your personal look.

Leather jackets are incredibly versatile so whatever you wear underneath it, it’ll look good. If the jacket is fantastic you can get away with absolutely any outfit.


My fave picks for you below.


The denim jacket is a very very retro-trendy cool gimmick, that’s perfect for a more urban twist, for tees, and cool shirts, and dark jeans and sneakers, and baseball hats, BUT it also looks amazing clashed against more professional items: a pair of suit trousers, chelsea boots, a dark shirt buttoned all the way up.


My fave denim jackets for men below.


How to get the casual cool look?

If you’re more of a all-black-rocknroll-punk-sleek-polished-but-trashy-sort-of-a-guy go for black jeans, or black suit trousers, a pair of those chelsea boots, or sleek brogues, a black shirt, or a denim shirt, or a basic hot t-shirt and throw a leather jacket over and it’s perfect.

If you’re more of an urban-trendy-electronic-hiphop-cool-youngish-20-something-still-exploring-borderline-confused-but-into-retro-with-a-penchant-for-cool-things-kinda-dude you’re most likely seen in a denim jacket, paired with dark denim jeans, sneakers, flannels, text-tees, maybe vintage style sweaters, a baseball hat, and a wondering eye. Pardon my pigeon-holeing.

The fun of it all though lies in the style and combos of the 2 jackets above. It’s all a matter of how you feel the clothes, of your style and your personal spin on it all.

SHOP the autumn pieces for a leather & denim jacket look.


Enough rant now. I know men LOOOOOVE a woman who goes on, and on, and on, and on, like a fucking broken record. Right.

Imma stop here then and let the street stylers do their thing, for your inspo you know.


men-autumn-looks-2015-1 men-autumn-looks-2015-2 men-autumn-looks-2015-4 men-autumn-looks-2015-5 men-autumn-looks-2015-6 men-autumn-looks-2015-7 men-autumn-looks-2015-8 men-autumn-trend-jackets-2015-1 men-autumn-trend-jackets-2015-2 men-autumn-trend-jackets-2015-3 men-autumn-trend-jackets-2015-4 men-autumn-trend-jackets-2015-5 men-autumn-trend-jackets-2015-6 men-autumn-trend-jackets-2015-9 men-autumn-trend-jackets-2015-10 men-autumn-trend-jackets-2015-11 men-autumn-trend-jackets-2015-13 men-autumn-trend-jackets-2015-14 men-autumn-trend-jackets-2015-15 men-autumn-trend-jackets-2015-16

streetfsn by Nam

men-autumn-trend-jackets-2015-20 men-autumn-trend-jackets-2015-21 men-autumn-trend-jackets-2015-22 men-autumn-trend-jackets-2015-26 men-jackets-2015-2016-1 men-jackets-2015-2016-2 men-jackets-2015-2016-3 men-jackets-2015-2016-4 men-jackets-2015-2016-5 men-jackets-2015-2016-6 men-jackets-2015-2016-7 men-jackets-2015-2016-8 men-jackets-2015-2016-10 men-jackets-2015-2016-13 men-jackets-2015-2016-14

What do you think my beautiful gorgeous men: are you a blazer/trench/or jacket lover? Or do you go between these 3 like  headless inconsistent chicken?

Let’s talk about whatever you want, and also jackets – in the comments below.

Av a great week everyone!