men-shoes-summerWhat better way to start off a week than talking about and staring at men, with the ever-present and oh-so-real fashion pretext. Okay so we might be winning both ways here, like getting some eye candy (hello!), but also (and really kinda more importante) showing you, the beloved boys in our lives, 8 TIPS for what to wear in 2014 summer. To avoid looking plain, you know. Not that you’d even come close to this predicament but anyway. men-summer--looksPissed off and tired of seeing men and boys wearing the same shit every summer, with an inherent cockiness as if they’re David fucking Gandy, in the name off all women, and those boys who do know what to wear – this post was born. Seriously, tight clothes are for tight looking people. Brainless colors are well, for… you guessed it, brainless people, unless you know how to do them of course. Shorts are for boys only, unless (and this is a big unless) you’re a true man with a natural born style. Then, chances are you can pull them off. Don’t, please DON’T do all trends at once mates, and above all, avoid looking too primped, and groomed, and tucked in, and ironed, and clean, and cut, and all that shit. Oh… and grow a beard please.  summer-look-men1. BASIC T-SHIRTS

All men look so much better in basic white, black or grey tees. Or, given that it’s summer, so I don’t wanna ruin your color style mojo, do colored basic. That is, one-color tee. Forget graphic, text, slogans. Leave those to teens and your FB feed. V-neck styles look amazing, a bit slouchy, vintage looking, or you can do the polo neck tees. They’ve got a bit of that bad-boy-trying-to-pass-off-as-good vibe. Besides, basic looks great with anything, so it’s one less style headache to worry about. Have a look…  basic-tee-men-stylebasic-tshirts-men-summer-trendmen-summer-style-2014-basic-teeemen-summer-style-2014 (5)men-summer-trends2. PRINTS

If you can’t tame your inner fashionisto and insist on doing prints, 2014 summer says 3 prints are in: TROPICAL (Hawaiian tees, shirts and shorts are HOT), STRIPES, PLAID, and PAISLEY, which is a massive trend this summer. Women love it, so boys have to start feeling the same. Just ask UK models, and they’ll all tell you – girls and boys alike – how tres importante & fashion fad paisley print for men is. On the how to style them topic, basically, all goes with almost anything except: never do a busy shirt with those heavy too trendy pants like ripped jeans. It’ll look ridiculous. tropical-print-tshirts-menmen-beach-summer-look-2014men-striped-tshortmen-summer-casual-lookmen-summer-style-2014 (4)men-summer-style-2014 (3)men-summer-style-2014men-summer-style-2014-tripical-print-shortsmen-summer-trend-hawaiian-shirts3. SHORTS

To my utter dismay, shorts are making quite the comeback in 2014 summer, and the best styles to buy and wear are: chino shorts, cotton shorts, short shorts (especially in tropical prints for the beach). You may wanna rethink your denim. On the TIPS side: cuff, cuff, cuff boys, and you’ll be able to get away with almost anything. The ideal length is slightly above your knees. Pockets look great.

Chinos can look great with espadrilles and tees for a beach summer’ish look, or can even look smart paired with a shirt, blazer and oxfords. shorts-men-trendbasic-look-summer-style-menmen-summer-style-2014-shorts (2)men-summer-style-2014-shortsmen-summer-trend-short-shortsmen-summer-trend-2014-shorts4. THE CUFF

The greatest style trick of them all – THE CUFF (rolling your trousers’ hem) – will save the day for any men in any occasion. Cuffed trousers look so much better than un-cuffed whether it’s for a beach laid back style or for office. The same can be applied for shorts, T-shirts and shirts. men-style-cuffed-jeansStreet Style Day 1 - MFW S/S 2014men-summer-trendmen-summer-styles-shortsstreet0style-men-cuffed-jeansstreet-style-men-summer-trend5. SHIRTS

Of course they continue to be the #1 staple for any season, with a great focus on all denim & Hawaiian style shirts. But any shirt will look great if it’s got that rugged vintage vibe to it & rolled up sleeves. Major trend alert: short sleeve shirts are back in style, with a few tips. Button them up all the way for a more clean cut edgy look, unless you’re hitting the beach, of course. denim-shirt-men-street-stylemen-looks-denim-summer-shirtmen-style-cuffed-jeans-men-summer-style-2014-printed-shirtsmen-summer-trend-short-sleeve-shirtshorts-men-summer-trendshort-sleeve-shirt-men-lookshorts-trend6. SHOES

Whether it’s boat shoes, espadrilles, oxfords, brogues, flip flops, rope/canvas soled sandals – ONE thing is major here – NO SOCKS. Under no circumstances boys. Choose the blisters if you have to.

Brogues and oxfords can be worn with shorts and a blazer for a smarter look. Brown shoes are making quite the statement the season. brown-shoes-trend-men-summer-stylesmen-office-looks-summer-2014shorts-trend-men-summer-lookstreet-style-men-shortsmen-summer-trend-shorts-streetstyle7. SUMMER OFFICE LOOKS

Keep it monochromatic and basic. All black style (blazer + tee + shorts; or cuffed shirt + cuffed pants) looks great with brown brogues or oxfords. Or just keep it all neutral and pretty basic, but have fun with accessories (bags, shades, belt, watch). men-office-looks-summer-2014 (2)men-summer-style-2014-office-lookmen-summer-style-2014-office-wearsummer-look-dapper-men8. VESTS 

Ah… those 90s again, with their California surfer style vest, in neon pop ups and palm-tree prints. These… are back! Sure, you gotta be slightly toned to say the least, but hey, we’re doing the cropped motherfucking trend. You think that’s easy? men-summer-style-2014-vestsmen-summer-trend-vestsvest-men-stylesmen-trends-shorts-vestAnd last but not least, remember boys always have fun. Oh, and have these with you at all times: brown sunglasses, a beard, a watch, a bracelet, a hat, and a belt. ;) men-summer-trend-basic-tee-beard-hatmen-summer-trend-sunglasses-beardmen-summer-trend-chino-shortsHave a lovely week! :) xoxo


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  1. Vivian Black says:

    You made a great point about basic t-shirts and how they can be good for vintage looks. My husband and I are looking for an outdoor short sleeve shirt that he can start wearing this spring. We will keep these tips in mind as we search for a professional that can help us best.

  2. NickNgaruiya says:

    Shorts are men’s best friends. Men’s shorts have gone from knee length to cargos to above the knee length incorporating print, patterns, solid and textures. Buy cargo shorts for men Nairobi

  3. SMKollectionz says:

    Short for men of this summer- short are the best friend of every man. Men feel fit and cool Cargo type shorts are impressed to the men.

  4. Dylan says:

    Amazing Ideas that what i can wear In this summer And fell comfortable after wearing that, I like the article actually thanks for the idea its really helpful for this summer.

  5. Deb Pearl says:

    I’ve been trying to help my husband look more fashionable, because all he wears are sneakers. I loved how you showed pictures of the different kinds of shoes that he could get and that he should definitely not wear socks! They just aren’t great for some shoes! Thanks for the tips!

  6. Eli says:

    Pretty nice post. I just stumbled upon your blog and wished to say that I have truly enjoyed browsing your blog posts. In any case I’ll be subscribing to your feed and I hope you write again very soon!

  7. jordan says:

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  8. reaper117 says:

    Some are useful, some are utterly retarded. No socks, choose the blisters? Really? Men dress for functionality first, THEN for style. Wear a pair of damned ankle socks.

  9. designer menswear says:

    Great post Dana! Not too keen on prints but think the stripes work. Good to read it from a woman’s perspective too! -Aaron

  10. histiletto says:

    Let’s think outside of the stereotypical box and add high heels, even stilettos, to these outfits and make guys as versatile and exciting as gals have come to experience with their selection of men’s wear.

      • Antome says:

        But so, according to you, crossdressing is a commendable and choice which makes someone a deviant in the worst sense of the word.
        I dunno, but saying so you are making an entire cathegory feel bad and guilty. Has it to do with the way he put it? It illustrates all of them as creepy fetishists, which I know it’s not. Words weigh.
        High heels aside he’s right about the lack of versatility of men wardrobe in general. There are only a handful of major variation on shoes and clothes, the rest are minor details.

  11. aaron says:

    Brilliant to actually read something useful from a real woman’s perspective! It’s nice reading your honesty as compared to the usual standard men’s tips that are around!


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