Which men’s shoes for the fall should you choose?

In the stores you can find a large selection of men’s shoes for the fall. In the last few seasons, the most popular are combat boots, Jodhpur boots and sneakers. Men are more and more interested in an elegant and fashionable outfit, so they try to follow the trends. 

Jodhpur boots and combat boots – elegant and classic

Jodhpur boots are classic and very elegant, yet comfortable footwear. This type of shoes looks great in the company of jeans, corduroy and material or leather pants. Interestingly, Jodhpur boots fashion has already been started by the British Queen Victoria. Since then, these shoes have changed both their appearance and purpose. Initially, Jodhpur boots were worn by men from the wealthy upper or middle class, but nowadays practically everyone has access to this type of footwear. Jodhpur boots are reaching above the ankle, so they are perfect for the fall season, when it is important to wear slightly higher and warmer shoes. Combat boots, on the other hand, are a fashionable and casual element of men’s styling, which is perfect for colder fall and even winter days. Such shoes match the suits very well and can be worn with an elegant combination of pants and shirt. That is why the combat boots can also be worn for work. Fashionable Jodhpur boots and combat boots can be found at https://marcnolan.com. 

Comfortable sneakers for the fall

Another interesting model of fall shoes are sneakers. Naturally, on cold days it is best to choose sports shoes that reach above the ankle, are made of thicker material and have a solid sole. In this way, the cold ground does not have a negative impact on the feet. Sneakers are a really good choice for the fall, especially for men who walk and stroll a lot, for example, go to work and then go to the gym or pick up their kids from school. This type of footwear is very comfortable and cozy, so you can also wear it for a meeting with friends or for a date. 

How to choose men’s shoes for the fall?

When choosing men’s shoes for the fall, it is worth paying attention to the material. Definitely the best and most durable material is natural leather. Currently, however, many companies produce shoes from synthetic and eco-leather. Unfortunately, even though they are ecological materials, they do not work well in the production of footwear, because they are not breathable and do not adjust to the foot. It is also advisable to opt for suede or nubuck. In the case of fall shoes, you can also consider additional insulation inside or fur on the upper. A thick sole and good fastening of the footwear is also very important. It is worth making sure that the shoes reach above the ankle, as this ensures thermal comfort. Shoes in autumn colors, i.e. brown, black and grey, will work well – this way they will be more resistant to any dirt.