Matchy Matchy – Are You Loving The Coordinated Trend?

d52b9db0ac9382f0ec92e585a17c7bb5 I swear to God sometimes fashion is like a confused bitch (pardon my French), I mean one minute it’s cool to wear say brights, and the next they’re already dated. Yesterday we were all hipsters for trying (and succeeding thank you) in mixing and matching prints, textures, colors et all, today they’re so last Tuesday. Yes you heard me. Just when I finally got the hang (and master) of piling on all the crazy things into one cool eclectic look. Ah… talk about wasting my time, Fashion! :) Jesus if only we’d known it was a challenge doomed form the very start we might have taken style notes from our grannies. Well with the Matchy Matchy Trend invading the retail chains and the streets, this just seems like the next best thing to do in order nail this new trend. To put it in a nutshell: it’s granny & retro turned hipster. That’s what it’s all about when it comes to Matchy Matchy Trendflower-prints-matchy-matchy matchy-matchy-street-style (3) Matching tops to bottoms can seriously sound (and sometimes appear) so boring, safe and way too color coordinated, but it’s an art that takes time mastering. Nobody wants to look retro old or like a super young grandma caught in between centuries, right? So… how to keep it posh and trendy? The key is accessorizing and choosing modern cuts, fitted and tailored. Sexy shoes and gorgeous bags or clutches make matchy matchy outfits look modern and sophisticated. Big earring (they are quite coveted this season) give a touch of chic richness to a super coordinated look. And then I guess it’s rather easy, and that’s the best part about this trend (less of  how-to-wear-it-type of headaches), just match your skirt to a cute top, a pair of sophisticated trousers with a cropped top for instance. You know, very Dolce & Gabanna Sicilian take on fashion. Ah… Another matchy matchy fave look for me is the shorts & blazer. I found it young, fun, effortless and super chic. shorts-suit-matchy-matchy 924ee0fb9293d85b8ee6dbb75d790d4a ana-beatriz-barros-matchy-matchy dole-and-gabanna-outfit-street-style trend-matchy-matchy Which brings me to the catwalks. Everyone did it. The runways were packed at Stella McCartney, Celine, Hermes, JW Anderson with matchy matchy looks. Who thought women were gonna go to their fave retail shop and literally buy the matching bottoms with tops? Hmm. Next time some credit please! :) Dolce-Gabbana-Spring-2013-matchy-matchy DKNy-matchy-matchy print-matchy-designer-look runway-look-matchy-matchy Matchy Matchy with prints please!

Matchy Matchy may be rather predictable and bleah… BUT I suppose we can still have fun with it, right? My favorite matchy matchy looks are any bottoms (skirts, shorts, trousers) paired with a cropped top or even better, a bustier. A look that sort of reminds me of 1950s French Riviera & Sophia Loren. For a more business/office, smart look it’s now OK to pair printed trousers with the same print shirt,  OR even worse better with a blazer. Now this, I’m not really feeling… though I know that the deux-pieces concept is supposedly gaining terrain right now… I don’t know. Yet. Here are a few street style looks that seriously make me reconsider this trend:  flower-print-matchy-matchy head-to-toe-prints-matchy-matchy matchy-matchy matchy-matchy-look-street-style beyonce-matchy-matchy-look matchy-matchy-style matchymatchy-suit matchy-matchy-suit matchy-matchy-suit-street-style matchy-matchy-tops-bottoms matchy-matchy-trend solange-knowles-matchy-matchy-deux-pieces spring-trend-matchy-matchy (2) spring-trend-matchy-matchy Matchy Matchy monochrome!

This one color head-to-toe was a big thing last spring as well, and to be honest with you I don’t even know what the big difference is between the monochromatic trend & the matchy machy one in one color… Anyway the idea is to match your bottoms with any type of tops: blazers, shirts, bustires, blouses et ell. Get creative… we so need to with this super coordinated trend.  matchy-matchy-street-style-one-color matchy-matchy-street-style monochromatic-matchy-matchy one-color-matchy-matchy shorts-blazer-matchy-matchy And now your turn lovelies… what do your think? YES or NO to the matchy matchy trend?