Matching Sets: The 70s Trend That Doesn’t Go Away

Or better yet… the 70s trend that’s on a roll and taking front stage in SS2015 more than ever. In case you don’t remember, no worries, I got your back. The matchy-matchy look had a quick comeback a while ago, but it feels like today it’s making up big time for not sticking the first time. Plus it’s more versatile now.

And more ubiquitous.

matching-sets-70-trend-2015-looks-10 matchy-matchy-sets-street-style-trend-2015-3

The moment you see Kim Kardashian in some not-so-mainsream trend, the look in question is bound to have a breakout all. over. the. place. She’s been practically living in her matching sets: pencil skirts and crop tops. And then everyone who stood out this look the first time, started doing it.


Because you see… there are two sides to every story. And fashion is no exception. The MATCHING SETS TREND can be done basically in 2 ways: the uber glam looks, OR the more fashionable-styles-for-the-sake-of-fashion-not-hotness. Do you see my point here?

I might be wrong, for the first time in history. But just for the record, I don’t think I am. *hashtag just kidding* Actually, I was made to be more wrong than not, and my life would be so boring otherwise.


street-style-spring-2015-trend-matching-sets-8 matching-sets-70-trend-2015-looks-3 matching-sets-70-trend-2015-looks-4

So, I just called my mom and asked her to get all her 70s fab clothes out of wherever she put them, cause she gotta do the match matchy shit all over again. OR I might need a few vintage pieces, you know. Her reply literally broke my heart. ‘Oh… those old rags, I gave away long time ago.’ 

My heart stopped. I thought for once in my life I’d bloody nail a trend in its entire authenticity. Damn. I was so close. The good thing though, is that there will be a lot of other people somewhere over the rainbow, wearing matchy matchy sets. Yay.

And I do happen to think in 2015 spring the world will look like the happiest place in the universe. Slightly psychedelic, with a touch of 60s here and there, a 90s edge, and today’s bits and pieces. 70s reloaded: matchy matchy sets, floral, graphic, tropical, bugs, animal prints everywhere, high waists, mini skirts & midi skirts, high slits, plunging necklines, dishevelled hair, chunky shoes.

matchy-matchy-sets-street-style-trend-2015-7 matching-sets-70-trend-2015-looks-15 matching-sets-70-trend-2015-looks-11 matching-sets-70-trend-2015-looks-9

Girls will look like real life version of colourful, edgier and more rocknroll dolls. Rebels with, and without a cause.

The great thing about the matching sets trend is that, 1) Less fuss on what top or skirt/pants/shorts to wear, 2) It can be done in any season (see the knits sets for autumn and winter, and the tiny chiffon or lace sets for summer), and 3) They go for any occasion, it all depends on the lengths and styles. Which only brings me to my initial thought – the two main ways in which we can do this trend.

matching-sets-70-trend-2015-looks-14 matching-sets-70-trend-2015-looks-20 matching-sets-70-trend-2015-looks-25


Read cool bloggers’ looks, editors, fashion writers, photographers, stylists and some of us mortals who’d rather dress for the sartorial sake rather than the double take, the drooling and the dayums. No pun intended Ks. Yes, we do love to look good and hot and turn heads and break hearts, but who’s to say it can’t be done in more funky styles, and not your average skin-tight-matching-sets. (which do come handy once in a while, let’s not be hypocrites here.)

matching-separates-jacket-and-shorts-sequin matching-set-trend-3 matching-sets-70-trend-2015-looks-1 matching-sets-70-trend-2015-looks-1hghg

The sophisticated look of the matching sets focus more on the clashing combos, the weird but cool looking pairing of a set with a certain pair of shoes or sunglasses.

They look fashion-editorial-meets-instagram-street-style: full skirts and boxy tops, crop tops and culottes, mini skirts or very high waisted pants, Bustiers or jumper jackets matching loose shorts or trousers and paired with either stiletto heels or platform soles.

It’s street style at FWs somehow. Fun. Funky. And incredibly effortless in attitude, thus being so so so very powerful.

matching-sets-70-trend-2015-looks-7 matching-sets-70-trend-2015-looks-13 matching-sets-70-trend-2015-looks-1209 matching-sets-spring-2015-trend-3

Matching Sets: The GLAMOROUS SKIN TIGHT Look. 

Dayum. Now this is hotness reloaded, cause however you wear this style, it’s bound to make cars crash on the streets, smoke come out of every spot you laid eyes on, people stumbling in their steps, buildings crumbling down, the internet breaking. The key is skin tight, or at least fitted to play up your curves and make heartbeats stop. Or race.

kimk-matching-sets matching-sets-spring-2015-trend-10

Contrary to what you might have picked up, I adore this look, what I’m not too ecstatic about is its present ubiquity and how it sort of became the glam-sex–uniform. ‘What to wear tonight’ ‘Oh I know, that skin tight pencil skirt and backless, boobs showing, super-dooper crop top.’ 


Overly sexed up looks as if we crave the attention of the bloody world is what pisses me off. Other than that I’m more than happy to rock my shit and curves into even fucking latex-matching-sets if my mood dictates, cause we do love to look hot and cross a few boundaries every now and then. For fun you know, and a boost of dayums.

matchy-matchy-sets-street-style-trend-2015-5 matchy-matchy-sets-street-style-trend-2015-6 street-style-spring-2015-trend-matching-sets-2

The best thing though is having fun, and this trend is just about that. It’s sort of a going back to the 70s-meets-matching-sets-we-dressed-our-dolls-in kinda style. And the best part is not having any limits, nor sartorial or styling boundaries. Any lengths go with any cuts, slouchiness and looseness go together, as well as the above glam. Polished looks mingle with ghetto-inspired styles, boy-meets-girl items are married into one outfit…

more street style inspo…

matching-sets-70-trend-2015-looks-2 matching-sets-70-trend-2015-looks-21 matching-sets-70-trend-2015-looks-23 matching-sets-70-trend-2015-looks-120 matching-sets-70-trend-2015-looks-1111 matching-sets-spring-2015-trend-1 matching-sets-spring-2015-trend-2 matching-sets-spring-2015-trend-4 matching-sets-spring-2015-trend-5 matching-sets-spring-2015-trend-6 matching-sets-spring-2015-trend-7 matching-sets-spring-2015-trend-8 matchy-matchy-sets-street-style-trend-2015-1 matchy-matchy-sets-street-style-trend-2015-2 matchy-matchy-sets-street-style-trend-2015-4 matchy-matchy-sets-street-style-trend-2015-8 miroslava-duma-print-looks-fashion-statement-necklaces-candicelake-streetstyle-fashion-week-print-shortstop-matching-set-platform-tan-sandals-oversized-sunglasses-1 orange-matching-set-peplum-top perfect-set-for-work printed-set-street-style street-style-spring-2015-trend-matching-sets-1 street-style-spring-2015-trend-matching-sets-3 street-style-spring-2015-trend-matching-sets-5 street-style-spring-2015-trend-matching-sets-7 street-style-spring-2015-trend-matching-sets-9 street-style-spring-2015-trend-matching-sets-10

And we can wear these pretty sets EVERYWHERE. From lingerie sexy sets, to deux-pieces-sets, matchy-matchy-70s sets, party-sets, beach-matchy-matchy-sets, to office styles, cocktail outfits, to beautiful pyjama sets…

The key word here is WEAR them, regardless of style and look. Cause who the hell died and made me the defender of sophistication? For all I know, I just woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning.