Hello 80s eyeshadow, 90s mat brown and copper! Hello glossy faces, wet looks, natural lashes and brows, old-school glam, smudged makeup, natural beauty! Good-bye heavy contouring, perfectly groomed brows, heavy makeup, un-natural false lashes, too polished faces, overdone lip-fillers, perfectly groomed makeup.

This sums up the makeup trends 2018 according to the bestest makeup artists and gurus out there, according to designers for SS2018, and dare I see… according to moi. Sure I ain’t nothing but a mortal who loves makeup, nu MUA diploma or title over here, but I wear makeup everyday, I love it, it helps me be a better version of myself visually and self-confidently… and I’m all for it. Hell I even got a trademark look aka always in my liquid liner and mascara.

Therefore, fear not that my dislike with all those things I said bye to above is a mirror of my hate for makeup, quite the opposite actually. But frankly I’ve kinda had it with super super super super groomed looks. I have seen them in real life and let me tell you they ain’t nothing, not even close, to their Instagram selfies, or youtube filters, or magazine covers, or Photoshopped blogposts. Yes, those exist! Nothing like them.

No matter how amazing the products used are you still are able to see a lot of makeup and less of the natural beauty, no slight imperfections, no gleam in eyes, no glossy cheeks… just makeup. We’ve loved it for years thanks to instagram, but now it’s time to grow up and dust off a bit of that excess in favour of something new, maybe even more fresh and more natural in terms of beauty. More diverse if you will.

As makeup artists and makeup lovers alike we should embrace this new challenge and slowly say bye to anything too heavy and perfect.

Listen y’all, if Kim Kardashian and Mario – the gods of once perfectly groomed looks, and creator of contouring – have evolved and said good bye to her old ways, for a more natural, dewy, glowy and glossy type of makeup… perhaps it’s high time we did too. If she’s not you cup of tea… look on the runways. It’s the same story.

So without further ado I give you the makeup trends 2018!

1.1980’s Eyeshadow and makeup!

The 80s are back not just in fashion, but makeup too, which means colours are IN. Blue, green, purple, red, orange eyeshadows are huge for makeup trends 2018. You can wear eye-shadow smudged on your eyelids, as if carelessly applied, or you can use just a coloured eye pencil or coloured liner for up or bottom lid. It’;s such a fun, flirty and finally new look.

2. Matte brown makeup a la 90s. 

Remember the girls of Twin Peaks? Linda Evanghelista? Cindy Crawford? It all starts with bold eyebrows, mascara, brown shades of eye-shadow, maybe eye-liner, mascara, matte brown lips, matte face, no contouring, no highlight. Everything looks like it’s applied with your fingers, not your brushes, and very natural.

3. Natural brown makeup.

Everything is shades of brown, pink, copper, more glossy styles, no lipliner, just eyeliner if you want. It looks natural and bronzed, without a heavy contouring, just a cheek blush, and some highlight. It’s perfect for daytime, nighttime, anytime.

4. Wet glossy makeup looks. 

Saying good-bye to liners and contouring gives us so much room to play with more natural textures and creamy dimensions of the face and features. Everything is warmer and more feminine, more young and fresh somehow. The glossy wet look is specific to the 80s and it’s sweaty summers and heavy aerobics… it’s a great makeup trend to have a comeback. A lot of highlighter is used, pink and bronzed tones, lipgloss (massive comeback), and mascara.

5. Red lips, minimal eyes.

There’s this look in Zara’s 2018 campaign or online collection that just left me in awe: all models wear this perfect shade of red lipstick, no eye makeup, and glossy faces. For real? It’s perfection. THIS is makeup trends 2018. The lips look as if that lipstick is part of that face, it looks hydrated, saturated, natural, bold, fresh. It can be perfectly lined, or more smudge like applied. Keep the eyes minimal (I could never do that, but I’d love to be able to)… and rock this look for anytime of the day or night.

6. Natural eyeliner.

This is simple, natural, no fuss, no 10 hours in the making. Hydrated face, natural contouring, a bit of highlight if you will, brownish eyeshadow if you want to, and a clean, natural eyeliner on top. Mascara and maybe some lipgloss or tapped natural pink/brown lipstick and GO!

7. Glitter makeup trends 2018.

These are perfect for the winter holidays, and for festival season. If however you know your way with makeup up I think it’s a look that can be subtly adapted to normal life as well. It’s all about that glossy face, and hydrated skin and lips.

8. Copper!

Bronzed, fiery, strong looks that are not very polished. Everything is rather tapped or smudged, or carelessly applied on beautiful lips and natural glossy eyelids.

9. Natural smoky makeup trends 2018.

Think about that look when you use your fingers to apply dark creamy eyeshadow, instead of a brush. It’s not precise, but it looks amazing, and very modern. Everything is moisturised, and highlighted, with eyes looking very seductive in a 2000’s smokey kinda way. But more polished or modern.

10. Natural lashes extensions. 

Think doe-eyed, doll like, not heavy fly wings batting in the sun. Lashes are applied un-even, like natural lashes look, whispy… I don’t wanna be a lashes bully… I wish mine were fuller and more beautifully aligned, and I love those girls whose lashes are perfect… but not too perfect, you know what I’m saying.

11. Natural face. 

All the above had one thing int common: less contouring, if none at all, strong brows, hydrated skin and lips, less using of makeup brushes and more suing of fingers to get that natural blended and creamy look to a face. Go wild with the highlighter if you have to, return to lipgloss, have fun with bronzer.

What do you guys think? Tbh I’m really excited about these new makeup trends 2018, cause it’s finally something new, fresh, more natural looking, more colourful, with a big inspiration from my two favourite decades: the 80s and 90s. Hello supermodels!


xoxo D.


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  2. Valerie Gallardo says:

    Absolutely in love with this trend! I’ve started to do all of the above (except for the glossy lid) and didn’t even know it was going to now be a thing!


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