3 Interesting Facts About Luxury Designer Bags You Need to Know

It’s fairly common for women to acquire the bag of their dreams if they are financially stable and have regular income. For some women, a symbol of their hard work over the years is a car or a house and for others it’s haute couture clothing and accessories. A great bag can last you a lifetime, if you take care of it properly, and even generate more money compared to the initial purchase. Here are 3 facts you probably haven’t known about designer bags:

Psychology Behind Chic

Every woman who owns a designer handbag knows that it’s more than just a statement piece that spices up the look or represents a form of personal taste. It is slowly but surely becoming a society status symbol and represents the dedication and business goal fulfillment of the one who carries it. For instance, a clever Dior marketing campaign brought a vintage bag staple piece to life. Web searches for Dior Saddle bag on Lyst shot up to 1000% after influencers posed with the bag for their Instagram photographs. Instantly, it became an IT piece wanted by every trendy and iconic woman on the planet. Furthermore, in the long-run, a designer bag can be a great investment if we take into consideration that some bags can increase their value and become highly sought after on the market.

Smart Investment 

As we already mentioned, the fact is that every high-quality designer bag is an investment that makes the look complete, but is a fashionable statement on its own. Different colours, prints and materials of Marni designer brands bring personal sense of style and fashion preferences to life. Some designer bags prove to be more valuable than others over time. For instance, Hermès bags never lose their value, they can make you more profit than a house or a car. Annual return on certain designer bags can rise up to 15% per year, which was the case with the famous Birkin bags. You probably heard that it’s smarter to invest in a Birkin rather than stocks or gold. That’s because their value is highly unlikely to drop, so you can rest assured that you made a smart investment decision, which is of utmost importance for all connoisseurs of fashion, art and luxury. 

Fashionable Insurance 

You can insure your couture clothing and designer bags, if you want to protect them from damage or loss, whether they’re at your disposal, at your house or away from you. Fashionable insurance helps you keep your stuff safe so you can sleep without feeling anxious or scared about your property and belongings even if something unexpected happens. People can keep their high-value, designer stuff safe for a long period of time with the aid of insurance. In most cases, If you have acquired a few expensive designer bags, it’s no wonder you want them to last as much as possible. Of course, you can manage to do so by taking care of them, according to the material they’re made of, the specific shape, while using creams, material protectors and storing them in a safe place accordingly. 

Ultimately, it all boils down to the fact that you can’t predict the future and events that might take place and that’s why it’s important to think ahead. Just like you insure your car, or a similar belonging that is of high value to you whether financially or sentimentally, you can insure both designer, expensive bags and bags that carry a lot of emotional value. It’s entirely up to you and your priorities. Even if the bag isn’t designer, it’s about the content that’s in it. People use insurance to safeguard their stuff from accidents and incidents such as loss and damage, fire and smoke, theft etc. 

Keep your designer bags safe by using high-quality maintenance products, keep them neat and clean in a dust bag and out of light in order for them to become a smart investment. What fact was the biggest surprise of the article? Leave a comment below and let’s chat about your fashion taste!

xoxo D.