Okay ladies stop drooling so we can go on with this. First of all let’s get one thing straight and stop with the uhhhs and ahhhs of having discovered a new trend. Cause we didn’t. The LUMBERSEXUAL Man TREND has been around for over a year almost, ever since the beard became a universal craze.


So why am I only now ranting about gorgeous men with well groomed beards, tats, and flannels?

Cause I’m an idiot. And also because after writing so many posts on pretty much the same hipster look in men I feared redundancy, so I complied with only a few mentions of this lumbersexual fad here and there throughout my menswear posts. But… when last week my Facebook feed was invaded by hyperventilated women sharing  old posts about this new trend – the Lumbersexual – I spent the whole day eye-rolling and bitch-please-ing.

Or maybe I was pissed off for not having covered the piece in time, you know. Yeah. That could be an option.


So anyway what the fuck is a lumbersexual? Do all men want to look like them, and do us women all want a lumbersexual?

Err. Maybe. I mean definitely.

A lumbersexual is pretty much a prolongation of the hipster. Tomato, tomato you know. With a few adages: he’s a-back-to-pure-masculinity version of a man, who loves the rugged look of a full-on well groomed beard, covered in tats, wearing flannels, holds his cigarette between his tattooed fingers packed with rings, and looks like he can easily chop entire forests for you, to make a fire at some remote cabin up in the mountains. sigh. sigh. sigh.


He could be all these things, but he’s also a professional who looks dapper slash hipster in his office clothes and loves a good beer after work with his boys. He’s also probably got a penchant for great style, arts, good music, travelling and that sort of thing.

The lumbersexual is actually a big lie us women love and men love to dwell on. They all look like freaking models, who could win survival quests in the blink of an eye, yet few of them haven’t even held an axe in their lives let alone chop wood or make a fire, and the rugged raw look is actually more time consuming and groom-demading. Ah well who gives a shit?

Er actually no one and everyone, cause yes the lumbersexual man is eye candy, but a beautiful man who happens to look like a hot lumberjack, regardless of trends (and could chop wood for days and nights in a row) is… well… far more appealing.

Par example: Leonardo Dicaprio could drape himself in facial hair, flannels, and tats. It ain’t helping man.

376e171d29e26c72098c719880e98b33 2015-men-styles-lumbersexuals

How to nail the lumbersexual look? 

Not every man can pull this off. It takes incredible patience and commitment. Cause of the beard you know. It may look rugged and unkept, but it’s exactly the opposite.


A few tats might help, but again it’s gotta be real – getting them, the meaning, all of that shit, otherwise they just end up like tattooed hipsters long after the trend has died.


Flannels. That is apparently a must. Plaid shirts of any colour paired with rugged jeans, boots or sneakers. Denim also works. Simple T-shirts that show off great bods and a few tattoos.


If all fails just throw an axe over your shoulder and there you have it.


Or just channel Billy Huxely and Ricky Hall. Sigh.

lumbersexual-men-looks men-with-tats-beards-lumbersexuals

The thing is… at the end of the day lumbersexuals are men with beards and fantastic style, that every woman is smitten with and every man wants to look like. Period.

After those 90s’s boy-bands looks with boy-faces and cute outfits seems like everyone just wants good ol’ masculinity back in mainstream, although the beards and rugged looks have been around for longer than we can imagine. They just became a fad today.

In a few years it’ll be long gone and I’m curious to see how all the ‘fashion victims’ will be affected. No pun intended boys. Just pure curiosity. Will you go back to clean shaved faces and suits, or will you keep the beard look cause – truth is – it oozes more sexuality and masculinity?

Lumbersexual beards-tats-lumbersexuals how-to-look-like-lumbersexuals

I guess like some boys have had this look long before it was ever a trend, the same boys will continue to rock it, with a few nips and tucks here and there.

And now more pics. For inspiration doh.

hipsters-and-lumbersexuals lumbersexual 5 lumbersexual-men lumbersexual-men-style-beards lumbersexual-styles lumbersexual-style lumbersexuals-2015-trend lumbersexuals-trend men-styles-2015-lumbersexuals men-trends-beards-lumbersexuals the-lumbersexual the-lumbersexual-look men-trends-lumbersexuals the-lumbersexual-trend


Masculinity crisis or not, this beard trend (now going under the name of lumbersexual) is just too much. Okay boys we get it… you all wanna look like you’re freaking Hercules, but the moment we enter a pub and 19 out f 20 men look the same, in lumberjack uniforms you just wanna roll your eyes like a bitch. It’s like watching the same film over and over again. Like having desert 3 times a day. Thank God fashion trends you can buy and emulate… but great style, attitude and swag… not so much.

Until this one goes away we might just witness axes and woods become accessories, so that every boy is looks more like a man you know.


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  2. M. says:

    I don’t like this, because I don’t like beards. I like tattoos, flanes, even axes :D But beards are essentials in this trend, so… no.
    In my country we have a some kind of subculture – they’re called ‘depeche’ from Depeche Mode – they wear black, they wear leather, they listen to DM – they’re uber cool ;) And if some guy, covered in black, with tattoos, if he would have THAT haircut – by Toutatis! – my eyes would be in paradise :P

  3. Ana @Champagnegirlsabouttown.co.uk says:

    I must say that bearded men don’t do anything for me! I find it actually quite repelling but it may have cultural bad connotations for me (Poland in communism, beard trend was running wild). I’m quite the opposite- love androgynous looking boys with cheekbones you can grate cheese on and bodies of a dancer :)


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