Low Rise Trend 2024: Are we doing this again or NO WAY?

Alexa Chung once said, never say never in fashion, cause you’ll be wearing never in 5 years time. Low rise trend 2024  – the 2000s trend we so dreaded falls somewhere in between these words. Remember all those early 2000s music videos? Of fit, six packed barely 20 years old gorgeous natural girls? Well… that’s the look, that’s the style and it’s here. Only we’re 20 years oldER and we’re packing a lot more than a six pack.

Which brings me to my issue. While it took me some time to get used to this trend’s second round – low rise jeans have got a hold of my heart, yet again. I’m in my 40s, so this is not a very easy statement to make, but I ain’t ashamed of my taste, I happen to think if you love something you can make it work, it’s all a matter of cut and form. Right?

So given our age, our prior commitment to this trend, our bloating days and presumably wiser more fashionably mature selves – do we embrace this fashion trend or not?

Is there a rule or propriety in fashion or style regarding the second time around trend? Or do we live in a time of major freedom of all sorts where we can do as we please, dress as we like, when we like no matter if we’re 20 or 40?

Does age still count when we dress?

Yes and no. I mean as a 20 year old you can pull off almost anything in fashion and look fabulous, but as you grow older you have to make tiny little adjustments style wise, body cut wise, taste wise etc., while actually still being able to wear the same pieces.

So with this in mind I will plunge into this trend with the body of a 40 year old but the spirit of my 20s, trying to channel those late 90s Drew Barrymore looks and Liv Tyler’s low rise trousers. I think it’s also a case of early 2000s nostalgia.

I’m also currently rewatching Sex and The city series and I’m dying over all the outfits and just the overall spirit those times had. Simpler and more natural.

How do we wear low rise trend in 2024?

Typing this in early summer makes me crave those Instagram loose linen low rise pants, in white or black, a minimal look that can take you from the beach all the way to a dinner in town. Something about low rise flowy, wide legged pants screams summer and that rich laid back look that we always nail on holidays. Pair everything with a tiny top or go wildly oversized on top as well. Anything works.

Flats look best for casualness and for a touch of minimal luxe you can use a belly chain.

Another low rise summer look is the skirt. It can’t get more 90s than this. Long, short or midi – let your skirt cling onto your hips as if it barely holds on.

Kitten heels, minimal sneakers like Gazelle or white plain converse, or strappy flat sandals – they all complete this effortless look.

Outfits and street style inspiration:


So what do you think? Is it something you’re already wearing, or never in a million years?

xoxo D