The Sandals Of 2016: Low Heels. YES Or NO?

If you’re a classic stiletto kind of girl you must definitely think Madame Le Fashion is losing it, going down the downward spiral for the past one year and a half. At least.

So – first it was the ugly shoe trend, the Birkenstocks. Well… ‘was’ is not the right word, it’s IS, case they’re still in. The uglier the shoes the cooler the chick.


Then stiletto heels were slowly replaced by block heels, but still sky high. Cause of the 70s trend you know: sky high, massive, chunky, platform – all are still IN. Again, the uglier and less classic-delicate the shoes, the cooler and more sophisticated the wearer.

You would have thought with the revival and re-living of the 90s and 70s and those mules, and slippers, and Birkenstocks, we’ve had enough of ugly for a lifetime. Things could have been worse though: what if the kitten heels had stuck? Imagine that.

But no, we’re still loving the ugly trend, and things are not that far from that worse kitten-heel-scenario.

Everywhere you look these days there’s one heel style, slapped on one sandal design. The LOW BLOCK HEEL SANDALS are taking over our lives and I have one Q for you: how do feel about that? 


I’ll tell you what I think, since y’all dying to know: I think this shoe trend would have been amazing had it not excluded the stilettos, which have lately been tossed aside like they’re the ugliest motherfuckers in the room, when in fact it’s the other way around.

When in the world have we become so prone to ugly shoes, and why?

Well, for one they do tend to be more comfortable. This never made and never will make any sense to me. It’s an argument that does not hold in my world, but since the sun does not dance around me alone, I’ll let this one go. Two: fashion is about diversity and spicing things up. This I can work with. Three: it’s the ugly shoe trend, and truth is while it is ugly as fuck not everyone can pull it off, so those who can, end up being incredibly sophisticated and cool in a very coveted and niche sort of way. I can respect that.

All this made it possible for the low block heel sandals to creep into our sartorials lives, stick there, and for us to slowly but surely fall for them. Truth is there’s only so many ways to wear an outfit with stilettos, so this new way is pretty cool.

How to wear low block heel sandals? Black and nude versions are the best, and to me they work best with denim, or midi fluid dresses. Of course shorts and mini skirts and trousers of all sorts work as well.

I would stay away from these sandals paired with pencil skirts or pencil dresses. Not for me.

Other than that I’m really down with any design and outfit combo.


low-heel-sandals-trend-2016-6 low-heel-sandals-trend-2016-4 low-heel-sandals-trend-2016-2 low-heel-sandals-trend-2016-5 low-heel-sandals-trend-2016-3

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low-heel-sandals-trend-2016-7 low-heel-sandals-trend-2016-8 low-heel-sandals-trend-2016-10 low-heel-sandals-trend-2016-9

Yes, I too am converted to the ugly shoe trend, with one exception though. I still LOVE stilettos. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, no shoe in the world will ever in a billion years beat stilettos. Don’t care what the gods of fashion have to say about this, that’s my mantra and I’m sticking to it.

But that don’t mean I can’t enjoy an ugly shoe now and then. And let’s face it, this low heel sandal is the prettiest bulb in the ugly chandelier.

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Seriously now, thoughts.